The top 5 things I have learned at 32

black woman smiling in new york and co dress

So with every passing year, I have gained insight and understanding about this life. It’s not always perfectly coifed like so many images out there but it’s mine. As November comes to a close, I felt it would be benefitting to share what I have learned with the world. I hope this helps, inspires, and intrigues you to reflect on your own life. Share your thoughts in the comments.

Top 5 things I learned at 32

  1. Until you fully understand, you will continue to go through the lesson
  2. Your body deserves the best treatment you can afford
  3. Love is a not forever
  4. Enjoy being alone and being with others
  5. Depression isn’t who you are

This was probably the hardest post I have ever written as it shows the areas I work so hard at concealing. In a world that is perfect filters and highlights, the desire to be fully authentic is very pressing. To sit before yourself and learn about you is not an easy thing to do. We do many things to distract ourselves from chasing after dreams, fuck boys and scrolling on the gram. To working late hours, obsessing over your weight, hair, or marital status. None of those things really matter in the gram scheme of life.

Yes having nice cars, body and a lover is a great thing but your value and energy should be more focused on learning yourself and growing. We often become stagnant and use the following cop out to not change: It’s just who I am. A lot of that is utter BS. Now I’m black and a woman but aside from that when I want to give folks these hands to the person who cut me off or the guy who wouldn’t give me the time of day because I’m my not skinny and light-skinned, I have to stop and acknowledge my woman in bubble bath

We make choices daily that could make or break our lives dramatically. If for example, I got a hold of the person who cut me off I could beat their ass and go to the jail or could find out that the person is a 90-year-old who is trying to get to their grandkids’ recital. Everything that happens in life you have a choice on how you respond. Things may happen but you get to chose do I operate out of grace or entitlement.

At my age of 32, I have encountered a lot of heartaches, disappointment, and pain. However, I have allowed myself over the past year to heal. There comes a time when you just have to become serious about your life’s work. Do you want to be known for being volatile or a healer? Do you want to be known as the coulda, shoulda or woulda chick or the chick that get’s shit down in spite of circumstances?

I leave you this as my final Bday month thought: Be the light you desire to see in the world and b comfortable very comfortable being uncomfortable. Many of your life’s desires are just an inch outside of your safe bubble that actually is counterproductive to your life.

Birthday Beauty Finds: Korres and Hair Of Nature

korres greek beauty sleep

November is my favorite month as it represents my birth. I know for many a birthday isn’t anything to be excited about, but it brings me to a place of reflection and gratitude.  Not that faux gratitude but the deep kind that makes you happy to clean your apartment because you have one to clean or your body even allows you to move. Or the kind where your excited and happy to buy new beauty products because you have a few coins to spend.

In my bday flow this month I was able to get my hands on some great finds. One was purchased and one was sent to me. Both are dope brands and great products.


So while stumbling through one of the magical places on earth, Sephora I was introduced to a great product from Korres. The dopest and most beautiful amazon vendor trainer educated me on the benefits of their Wild Rose Oil and Sleeping mask. Being that I’m often on a plane and in different climates, I’m always up for some great skin care.

The Wild Rose Vitamin C Active Brightening Oil is so pretty and delicate to me. It has bits of roses in the oil which adds to its majestic powers. It’s not an icky feel to the skin and can be added to any moisturizer you have. I tried it alone and with my moisturizer and I will say depending on my skin needs at the time it can go either way.

Here’s what you need to know about the product:

A powerful brightening oil infused with real rose petals and boosted with super C to increase skin’s absorption of vitamin C by up to 1,000 percent.

Solutions for:
– Dullness and uneven skin tone
– Fine lines and wrinkles
– Dryness

korres greek beauty sleep

As I get older, I really want to ensure I have flawless skin without makeup. I often will not wear foundation when I travel, yet I still want to look amazing. So I’m excited to see the changes.

The Wild Rose + Vitamin C Advanced Brightening Sleeping Facial is another product that seems like a hydrating gift from heaven. I noticed over the last year my skin is drier in the winter so anything that can add to its hydration will be my friend. Skin that is severely dehydrated will essentially make you very oily and also make your foundation breakdown fast. Your skin will drink the water from your foundation thus leaving you with an icky mess.

Here’s what you need to know about this product:

korres greek beauty sleep set

An overnight facial-in-a-jar to address uneven skin tone while improving skin texture for a brighter, more luminous complexion in as little as one night.

Solutions for:
– Dullness and uneven texture
– Uneven skin tone
– Loss of firmness and elasticity

You can get a dope set for Sephora right now for 24.00! I picked up the last one at my Sephora and glad I did. That is a steal and gets you a great taste of the products.

Hair of Nature

I was sent these amazing goodies from Hair of Nature! I’m always down for great small indie brands as well that’s where really amazing things can occur. I love my bigger brands, but smaller brands can really focus in on quality and ensuring their products are more potent. When I got the products which had been in my mailbox for a week, the struggle life of a traveling consultant, I noticed they hadn’t really been affected by the weather. It’s about 75 now in Texas and so that made me happy. After opening each jar I was overtaken by the most delightful smell. These products truly must have Jesus’s tears and drugs as it’s just an amazing scent.

I received their LOC Method Set and a Whipped Cocoa Shimmer Body Butter. 

The Healthy Hair Oil is very light which is great for my low porosity hair. I feel it tingle just a bit and smells divine. It’s touted to help stimulate your scalp and help to keep moisture in your hair. Oil doe not moisturize your hair but helps to keep a solid moisture of nature loc set

Ther Scalp Conditioner is a dream. It has a variety of different kinds of butter and oils that help you really give yourself a nice treat. This product claim is to help stimulate hair growth and boost scalp health. I am 2 months out of my big chop, so  I will be using these throughout the week while in the hotel to relax my mind from my clients. They can be a bit of a needy toddler from time to time.

The leave in conditioner is an interesting mix as it’s quite watery but very potent. I noticed after neglecting my hair this week, after applying my hair felt instantly moisturized and not sticky.

The Whipped Body Butter is like your favorite part of your fav movie. It smells so yummy and I love that it gives my skin a nice glow. It’s very thick even though it’s whipped which adds to my skins moisture levels. My skin has been parched forever so this makes me feel all supple and luxe. hair of nature coco whipped body butter

Go to their website and get some products today. I love supporting brands that really make great products. In the spirit of my Bday  Hair of Nature has so graciously provided promo code: SIMONE and you will get 10% off your entire order from now through Nov 30th!


Thrift Store Chronicles: Create a dope Fall look

We are in my favorite month of the year: November.It’s my birthday month so I’m going to share with you something that I am also passionate about which is thrifting. Thrifting has been a way of life for many years because of weight loss.When you’re losing 10,15 20, or 100 pounds no one has time for trying to stay up with the latest fashion trends while paying retail prices.Thrifting allows me to find quality brands and still be fabulous while I was in transition.Now that I am starting to gain traction and my weight loss journey again and because I just don’t believe in paying high ass prices,  I’m going to show you how to create dope looks while thrifting.

Create a plan for thrifting

So don’t go blindly drifting because you end up finding pieces that are double but won’t be able to be integrated into your wardrobe.I always like to go through my current wardrobe for the season coming up and then from there and look and see what do you not already have that will meet the goals that you want to be fourth is next season.After that, I think to create a list of the items that I need in order to create the looks I want to go for in the next season.

As I reshape my style, I stumbled upon a dope stylist, Lauren Messiah. She has a great printable with all the must haves for a classic wardrobe.  Check it out at

Be adventurous

When things are 2 and 3  dollars I find myself being a lot more adventurous in trying different things. I’m also not huge label snob comes to brands I know a lot of ladies out there are very brand picky.   You can really find some great looks if you keep focused on the item at hand versus the tag that’s inside the garment.

attractive black woman in black shirt and plaid skirt

Have patience

Trying to find really great pieces that fit your body very well can take time.Sometimes I can go up to a week or two and find the right pieces that fit me well.It doesn’t matter if I don’t cost you two dollars or $200 dollars if the item does not make you look fabulous it is a worthless item. I always keep my eyes peeled for those unique fines which are definitely in amazing but what I’m really searching for core items you have to be very picky about what you’re picking up no matter where you buy it.


Go to areas that aren’t high traffic

I tend to go to places that are kind of off beaten track.When you go to highly known thrift stores in highly sought after areas the prices are a lot higher and the availability of items are more scarce. When I travel to little towns I find some of the greatest pieces because most people aren’t checking for Madison Ohio which is in the middle of nowhere Ohio. The price is a lot cheaper and you really are able to dig to find some really amazing pieces.

Fall Foundation:How to Slay no matter the Season!

black woman wearing makeup in red lips

Fall beauty means more coverage, more moisture, and more contour! When I think of fall makeup looks the desire to truly be #teamoverthetop and #teamoverdressed is in full swing. In this post, I’m going to share with you my foundation routine and how you can make your beauty game even better.

1.More  Coverage

So in the summer I typically go very bare-faced to a light BB cream. I fell in love with the Bare Minerals BB cream this summer as it gave just enough coverage but stayed light. In the fall and winter months, I opt for full coverage foundations as I won’t get ice cream face. My go-to products at the moment are Black Opal Foundation sticks and Black Opal Total Coverage Concealers. If I’m really trying to put on I will use a mixture of both. For lighter days I will use the concealer to spot my areas that I want to hide and set with my RCMA Colorless Powder.

The results are below which is a perfect chocolate palette. I enjoy the look of full coverage as well since it just looks prettier to me. Everyone is different and that is key to knowing your self in the beauty world. I could rock a heavy full face to nothing but moisturizer and be happy.

2. More Moisture Please

So my skin over the years has developed into this very weird bougie creature that likes to be combo-dry. It can be excessively oily, which lets me know I need to hydrate more from within and also make sure I use products that will have added moisture that lasts. I really love the Clinique Moisture Surge cream and Supercharged Concentrate. These products make my skin so supple and moisture which is needed when you rock full coverage foundations. Nothing is worse than seeing dry, flaky skin under cream foundation.

The need for exfoliation is important in the fall and winter months as well. This allows those moisture-boosting products to actually be able to penetrate. My go-to scrubs are by none other than Minimo. Their Turmeric Scrub and Black Charcoal scrubs help my skin stay soft and ready to take in all the goodness.

3. More Contour

So with a full coverage foundation, you must add some structure to your life honey. I love using my Black Opal Foundation stick to contour and chisel my face. You can fake cheekbones and make the nose of your dreams for a few hours. The key to having a perfect contour is using colors that aren’t too warm and making sure to blend baby blend. This is the one time when using shade can be helpful. Look for contour colors that are more neutral and with a bit of a greyish tone.

Make sure you blend that baby out well as you don’t want to look like someone smacked you.

Now go forth and be the fairest of them all this Fall!




The Ultimate High-class Experience: Dîner en Blanc 2017

diner en blanc dallas tx 2017

A few weeks ago, I got the opportunity to attend the Dîner en Blanc  Dallas which I was hosted by Lincoln Motor Company. It was a very much an experience outside of my element as one had to wear all white and be outside. White is a color I never wear—hello foundation transfer and being outdoors, well is definitely something I tend not to do especially while engaging in a nice dinner.

diner en blanc dallas tx 2017

I made a beauty mission impossible move by finding an outfit while in the backwoods of Arkansas. I was invited out within days of the event and made it happen. To my surprise, I  was able to locate a quick inexpensive dress from Rainbow that was on clearance just waiting for me and shoes for under 50 bucks.  I also made a mad dash to be ready after finding out my car was in need of the ER.

It was a beautiful sight seeing so many people dressed to the nines in all white and enjoying what I like to call an adult picnic. The concept of Dîner en Blanc started back 30 years ago in Paris. It was a very high-class event which entails one to bring their own picnic items that must be pristine and all white. Even the attire must be of the best levels possible with creativity yet must still err on the side of elegance.

The ambiance that Lincoln provided was elegant that included an upper echelon menu and beautiful décor. I enjoyed being swept off in a Lincoln MKX to the secret site, which happened to be one of Dallas’s most enchanting outdoor wonders, the Dallas Arboretum. Instead of being in hyper blogger mode, I allowed myself to enjoy the beauty of the event.diner en blanc dallas 2017 diner en blanc dallas tx 2017

It’s always a gift and a pleasure to attend such events as it allows me to engage in what my city has to offer. After a hard week of travel and having to put my car on life support, this allowed me to come out of comfort zone and relish in feeling pretty and being around pretty energy. Thank you, Lincoln Motor Company and Dîner en Blanc!