Fitness can be Sexy with SheFit Ultimate Sports Bra

plus size woman in SheFit Ultimate Sports Bra

I need to make a confession, fitness has been the last thing on my mind lately. 2018 hasn’t been the most kind but the greatest thing is as long as your living you can start over. Now that we are in June, there are 6 months to wrap up the year. I am going to make my best effort to get my health goals for the year. When I workout I love to look amazing no matter what size I am. My SheFit Ultimate Sports Bra helps me to be cute and protected.

SheFit Ultimate Sports Bra makes those of us who need more support for the twins to look amazing. They offer a wide size and color assortment. No one wants to wear boring active wear no matter what your size. As a chick who definitely lives life on the badass side, they give me what I need as each bra can be customized to my needs.

plus size woman in SheFit Ultimate Sports Bra

Some days the twins need a bit more lift and other days I need to be able to give myself more room.

Your fitness and healthy life journey is something that may stop and start many times depending on your life. I know there are people in the world who have this beautiful thing called discipline no matter what life throws at them. Instead of beating yourself up if you fall off, give yourself some grace. Grace has helped me this year in more ways than one especially in regards to getting into a fitness routine.


plus size woman in SheFit Ultimate Sports Bra


While staying in Boston, I hit the gym and worked out the area I tend to shy away from, arms. I know the benefits of having a strong upper body goes beyond to just looking cute. A strong upper body can help you with lower back pain and help you move more fluidly.

plus size woman in SheFit Ultimate Sports Bra

Get yours at and tag me in your pics on Instagram. I love seeing women being strong and healthy while looking amazing.

Summer Fun Spa Day at Lavish Retreat Salon and Spa!

Lavish Retreat Salon and Spa

After an extremely busy month, I wanted to find something that would allow me to recharge.  I’m not into overly cookie-cutter places so I was happy when I got an invite to come out an visit Lavish Retreat Salon and Spa in Cedar Hill, Texas. I love the vibe I got immediately when I pulled up as it’s tucked away from the traffic and overcrowdedness. I know many people love to be in the mix of things but for me when I want to relax, I desire seclusion.Lavish Retreat Salon and Spa

This gem was once a not so pretty house. I got to talk with the owner Alice Wash, who created this serene beauty from nothing. I was blessed to hear her story while sipping some of her custom tea she makes from herbs. Her story of truly taking lemons and making lemonade was so motivating. I always am inspired by those who take misfortune and making themselves over, not many in society can do this as it takes a lot of self-reflection and going through the uncomfortable.

The Review

I loved the decor of this beauty as it made me feel like I was away at Martha’s Vineyard in a secluded cottage. Each room gave me something different yet still made me feel so homey and at ease. This is the type of spa you really don’t want to leave and you can make your time even more fun before you head out by visiting the Soapery.Lavish Retreat Salon and Spa

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Chocolate Skin Needs SPF too: Top 3 Sunscreen for Protected Chocolate Skin

So I am going to share a secret, you ready? I have never worn sunscreen!! I believed the hype that black women didn’t need it because our skin is so much more decadent. Well, this is false. Our skin is just as fragile as anyone else. We can get sunburn and have photo damage from the sun.

If you’re someone who invests in quality skincare, then you need to protect your hard work. I use a variety of acids such as AHA, BHA and Vit C which all can make the skin more sensitive and can farther darken areas that have hyperpigmentation. The sun can be really brutal especially here in Texas. Being equipped for the summer is vital to your overall health.

What to look for in your sunscreen

Since I have been so clueless about sunscreen I did a little research. There are 2 types of sunscreen which are physical and chemical sunscreens. Those that are physical typically will have ingredients titanium-dioxide and zinc, which work by sitting on top of the skin to deflect and scatter damaging UV rays away from the skin. They are often referred to as physical blockers. These typically leave the undesired Casper effect to those with more chocolate skin.

Chemical sunscreens have ingredients oxybenzone, octinoxate, octisalate and avobenzone, which create a chemical reaction and work by changing UV rays into heat, then releasing that heat from the skin. These work more so as an absorber.

There are many pros and cons to the type of sunscreen you choose. I will say it will definitely be a case by case as everyone’s skin can react differently to ingredients. A warning for those who are using chemical peels or chemical exfoliators, you have to use sunscreen as your skin is more sensitive and therefore more prone to burning. Tanning is nothing but sun damage that looks a bit nice for a bit. I like leather goods I just don’t want my skin to look like leather!

Sunscreen for Protected Chocolate Skin

  1. Murad Invisiblur Perfecting Shield 30 SPF, 65.00 

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Fire Summer Work Wear: How to Look Pulled Together in the Heat!

Summer months especially here in Texas mean my maxi dress game is going strong. 102-degree temps which means you feel like your actively dying and melting. Working as a consultant means I have to stay fire and presentable at all times.  A potential client who is entrusting me with their budget doesn’t care that the weather is unnatural, they will still judge you accordingly. Many people allow the heat to make their wardrobe to start becoming a bit more taboo.

I don’t want this to happen to you so I am sharing my fav ways of being summertime fine in the office.  The trick to having a boss summer wardrobe is layers. Layers allow you to have a quick escape from the pits of heat. Back when I was in college I had an old Ford Focus that if I put the air on, it would potentially shut the car off. So I would often wear camisoles and nice dresses with cardigans so that while in the office I looked stellar but as soon as I got away from the office I could easily take it off. It got hot one day to the point I had to snatch my wig but I was long gone from the office.

Your summer work wear arsenal should be made of nice cardigans, well-made dresses, skirts, and pants. You can add well-crafted sandals in a colorful or metallic material. The worst thing in the world is 1 ply tissue paper thin dresses or sandals that flop around the office, which isn’t cute honey. I love to pick up items that can get worn all year which means by adding a few items here and there won’t break the bank.

Now on to the looks…

Stripes in the Boardroom

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Is your Day Cream Climate Smart? Pour Moi to the Rescue!

Summer is on our heels ladies and gents. I am used to dealing with ice cream face when it hits summer here in Texas. When the temps hit 100+ degrees I  just forego makeup until the Fall. Beauty is my lover and not being able to wear my pretties is hard. If you have been reading some of my past post here and here, I talk about skincare a lot. How your makeup reacts and holds is very indicative of your skincare. Your bare skin is a canvas. If your canvas isn’t in the best condition no matter how great the artist is, there will be some challenges.

As technology in the skincare arena grows better products are coming on the market that just blows my mind. I introduced to Pur Moi which is a U.S. beauty brand specializing in premium skincare. The co-founder is a skincare enthusiast and frequent traveler, paired up with a team of scientists to secure a new niche in the beauty world—climate-smart skincare.   After learning about the company and the product it was an easy choice for me.  They have 4 formulas:

Each day cream was developed with the needs of each climate. I selected the Tropical which is geared for climates that are  80-100 degrees with very high humidities. It’s lightweight texture and innovative formulation keeps skin perfectly moist while calming the sebaceous glands for a balanced sebum content in skin.

I have tried this day cream when my skin was recovering from too many harsh acids. Within the 1st 2 weeks of consistent use, I noticed my makeup lasted me much longer. I was astonished looking at my face at 8 pm and having minor shine.  Normally if I have events after 5 pm.  I must touch up in order to look refreshed. I now can go all day without blotting which is a joy as I am often on the go with my clients. The last thing you want to have to do is makeup touch-ups.

My skin once I do my morning routine feels very supple yet not oily. At times my other day creams can be a bit too heavy and make my skin shiny.  It takes only a few seconds to absorb which cuts down my wait time before putting on sunscreen and makeup. My foundation ranges from drugstore to high end and all have been positively affected. I dare say my foundation doesn’t oxidize as much especially my Maybelline Super Stay which I am loving right now.

Hit the link to figure out which day cream is best for you and take the beauty challenge of climate-smart skincare!