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Mocha Travel Chronicles: Baggage and Beauty Delays

July 23, 2018


So, after 18 months of traveling for work my bags where delayed. I began to feel very faint and my heart began to race. Thoughts that my bright pink suitcase that has been badly teetered would not be recovered made me weak. My experience wasn’t the greatest with the airlines as United brushed off my concerns as they felt they weren’t responsible and American giving a true Kayne shrug that the bag will come up but when they weren’t certain.

I left the Flint Michigan Airport at midnight after a long hard hour of being on the baggage assistance line with United. All pleasantness was far expired as it had taken me over 8 hours to finally get to a place that I had no desire to go. I left wondering is all this hustle and bustle really worth it? Was this undisclosed amount of an annual salary really worth my health, mental wellbeing and my beauty items each week. This was not a great start on the 1st day of May!

After making the 1 and 30 min commute to my final destination, I had to stop at Wal-Mart for items as I had nothing. No toothbrush, no wig, no soap! I had no clothes but those that I was wearing, which would not be corporate acceptable to rock neon pink socks with my Nike slides and workout gear to a client site.

Being someone who has to find joy and the silver lining in the rough of life, I thought ok so I will make this a bit of an experiment with beauty products. I will forgo makeup for a day hopefully, as I was told my items would turn up and just focus on the things that really make me happy: great skincare products and hair products.

I have never worn my natural hair without aid of weaves or wigs to work. It’s not that I hate my hair, I just don’t find it all that amusing to wear into the office. I prefer to go unnoticed with my hair yet I still maintain styles that would look like my own. I feel keeping my hair covered is protection of parts of me that I don’t really like showing. So in order to make my hair that was nicely two-strand twisted under my colorful bonnet I had to find a leave in conditioner that could bring it. Not having a lot of options as this was a Wal-Mart in backwoods Michigan I picked up the As I Am leave-in conditioner.

The next was to find some type of cleansing oil or balm and a good moisturizer as the temps in my location were down right disrespectful and didn’t seem to understand this Texas native is use to sun in May. I found the ELF Hydrating Gel Melt Cleanser and Nourishing Night Cream. I was already kinda curious about this new ELF line, as it seemed to be packaged in some more luxe containers and just seemed interesting.

Once I was able to locate something presentable fashion wise, I hit my hotel room. Due to the location of this hotel, I always feel I have to re-clean my room in order to feel comfortable. At 2:30am I began the process of taking my hair down and moisturizing it. I felt this leave in conditioner hit my hair with so much love and moisture. It allowed me to slick my hair down very nicely without and fighting. This is a def win in my books.


I continued my night time prep by using my ELF products. I love how the cleanser is a gel but once it hits the skin it turns into a milk. I felt it cleansed my skin and keep my moisture levels up. Afterwards I followed up with a bit of the night cream. I like that the smell was very minimal with this product. I felt it moisturized ok as I’m accustomed to my skin feeling very supple.

A night time with ELF
Hydrating Cleansing Melt
Night Time Cream

Upon rising 4 hours later I found my hair to be still laid and my skin was nice and plump. I hurriedly whisked myself off to my client for 8 hours and mid-way through the day my child I mean my luggage was dropped off. It was like a mother and child being reunited.

In life, you aren’t always dealt a great hand. It could be a variety of things that are seemingly stacked against you. However, like our lover of our slayage Beyoncé, we can take those lemons or L’s and make them a win. I encounter so many things from being a black woman who isn’t the stereotypical person. I’m often in spaces where I’m the only of my genre. I will forever be me and be monumental great.

Until next time,


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