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Best face forward: Match your beauty for your goals!

July 23, 2018
black woman smiling wearing lancome lancome teint idole 520w

Happy 2018 ladies! I hope you’re ready for a year filled with doper content and more amazing life tips. I have committed myself to give more of me on my blog. That means sharing my life where I am now. Being 32 now, I can say comfortable the desire to be like anyone else is dead like a bad lace front.

Living your best life is my focal point in all things. From working with clients to launching my business to getting fit. You really have to look at yourself objectively and ask yourself does my image match my end results? If they don’t then you need to make the change. So if you say you want to climb the corporate ladder, start a business or find a man, you have to look the part.

In this post, I’m going to give you the basics of getting a perfectly crafted face that can be your foundation for many looks. I believe every woman especially those in their 30’s should have their go-to looks. From hair, makeup, fashion. Those things that make your booty look amazing, face looking like you woke up like this and hair that makes you happy. As I mentioned in my past post, when you look better you feel better. When you feel better your energy will shift to be in alignment with your goals.

black woman smiling wearing lancome lancome teint idole 520w
Looking at my future like…

Basic Face Must have

  1. Foundation- Foundation is going to make your look go from ok to impeccable. Now understand there are a plethora of formulas and go through a variety of budgets. Find one that matches your skin’s fly. For me I’m combination and I prefer a matte look. So my fav foundation Estee Lauder Double Wear hits the bill. During summer months, I go for a more natural look which my Maybelline Poreless Foundation rose to the occasion. Think about the look that will make you feel your best, and don’t be shamed to go to Sephora on a random day and get samples. I prefer a more mid-end foundation as I have had better luck. I would love to tinker with the higher end ones but for some reason, they forget chocolate chicks got cash money too.
  2. Concealer- This is a critical part of your must-have’s especially for the lady who may be juggling a career, active social/intimate life and is starting a business. Those things can mean less sleep and therefore the dreaded dark circles. A tip to hide those is to get a great concealer like Nars Soft Concealer that is your 1 shade darker than your skin tone. It allows you to blend out more effortlessly quickly. If you have time then invest in a great color corrector for your skin. I’m never without my LA Girls Pro Concealer in Orange. It helps me to color correct allowing an even playing field for my other products.
  3. Transcluent Powder- After you apply all these wonderful products you must set them. Whatever is wet must be set! I make sure to apply powder only in areas that I want to keep shine down which is my T-zone. All other areas of my skin are drier, therefore, will stay nice. I love my RCMA Colorless Powder and Laura Mercier Powder. I tend to reach for my RCMA more because it doesn’t give me flash back if I bake.
  4. Blush- I know some of my chocolate ladies will say we can’t wear blush. Like Kayne, I’m going to have to stop you and say that’s wrong. We can wear color and it looks amazing on us. I love my Estee Lauder blushes and even my Sleek palette. Normally I tend to go for a nice pink or coral colors. I also if I want a muted face will wear MAC throwback Raizin.

    Best face forward: Match your beauty for your goals!
    What a little makeup can do for your life..
  5. Brows- So this part of the game is very important to me as a former makeup artist. Brows truly can make or break a face instantly. Don’t let bad brows happen to you. I have very thin brows so I have to fill them in. I bounce around brow products but one I tend to go back to is NYX pencil. It’s a knock-off of the MAC brow pencils as they are super thin allowing you to do very hair-like strokes. If you have more bushy brows and prefer that then at least use a clear brow gel to keep them in place.
  6. Eyes- This area really up to the lady. I have a thing for a brown smoky eye. I typically don’t deviate from it as it intensifies my brown eyes and my eyes are small. So, no 50-11 eyeshadows on my lids. If it’s a basic day a nice wash of color, liner, and lashes are my friend. If I’m really tight on time then I load up on my fav mascara Makeup Forever Smokey Lash, which seems to be possible getting the ax.
  7. Lip color- I was blessed and highly favored in this area. I have naturally full lips that I rock all colors on. Depending on your skin color, you may be scared to try lighter colors. I still rock with my throwback MAC Chestnut liner but I take my finger and sort of blur it before applying the color. It makes for a softer look and I look amazing. If I will be slammed with back to back meetings, I love to take a great liner and use it as my lip color. They provide longer wear and keeps me looking amazing while in yet another boring ass meeting.

Why is makeup important

black woman smiling wearing lancome lancome teint idole 520w
Red is my power color.

So many times, we get into a rut in our lives. We see the pretty images on IG and we are like I want that. However, those who exude the energy you desire have taken responsibility for it. If you are looking all bummy no one is going to take you seriously. I know you may say Christian but I don’t like my job. Ok, your point? If you want to stay stagnant then keep doing what you’re doing. However, if you want something different from getting better projects, doing more client interfacing roles, you have to make sure your appearance has to hit the goal. Experiments have been conducted on how a woman is perceived with and without makeup. The bottom line of the experiment is women who wore makeup even if it was a basic face were perceived more intelligent and equipped for the job.

This can help you navigate your corporate spheres and also in social settings. I have done an experiment recently where I wore only my best clothes to my client sites and made sure my makeup was done each day. The reactions were startling. I was perceived as more seniored and more desirable. I got free lunch every day.

Now is this anything new, nope, however you invest in what you really want to.

You are the best investment so make time for yourself. You can’t wait until you get the role before you dress and look like it. I am often told, I look like someone you should respect. Now I must say this is someone who had only meet me 2 days prior to this statement. Just a little makeup and amazing wardrobe provided the keys to greater treatment. If you see someone at your car in a suit vs someone in rags how do you react? You may be more inclined to actually entertain the person in the suit vs the person in rags. I wouldn’t open my window for anybody because I’m mean, but you get the point. Care about your appearance and notice how things turn around for your mentally which will then seep into the energy you put out in your work towards your goals.

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