Honey don’t be basic: Living your Best Life even if your Scared!

While on a plane recently as I attempted to take my mind away from the tiny space I was cramped in, a thought popped in my “Honey don’t be basic”. This came after lamenting on not being where I desire to be in life and how it seems that everyone is blowing up. But then it it hit me, a lot of what we see is great angles and filters. Anyone can appear to have it going on but many do not. The desire to be the greatest version of yourself should be a little far fetched as it will help grow you into more.

When I’m in a place that I’m uncomfortable I often get some of my most deep thoughts. As of late, I have been ferociously reading as much as I can on positive thinking and execution of goals. From getting up at 4am, to journaling more frequently to making sure to do whatever is on my to- do list. Change is possible and it is a radical experience. If you accept annoying situations you are giving away your power of change. In this video, I’m going to share some very candid thoughts about living life well even when it scares you. Don’t live a life that is mediocre just because it’s easier or doesn’t require a lot of work.

I hope this video spurs you on to wanting more out of life or help give you boost to rock the next 4 months of 2017 out. Everything doesn’t have to be perfect for you to make moves. All the great things we have today from iPhones, a plethora of natural hair care products to apps all came from a idea that may have seemed silly or solved a problem for one person, now helps millions and is a success.


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Plus and Fitness: Best fitness advice for plus size fitness

plus size black woman in athletic wear lifting dumbbell


Fitness will always be bae as it has helped me to become a greater person. Now losing weight is cool but for me over the past few months, it has allowed me to regain perspective and trust within myself. Here are my top 5 best fitness advice for plus or not.

5. People are watching but not in the way you think!

I have had many people stop me while I’m working out to compliment my gusto. Now I find it remarkable that people see me and then stop me as I’m not a friendly type. But the notion of keep showing up and do good work is very important. You do your thing and taking care of your health can inspire others to do the same. I didn’t grow up well but seeing those who beast it or eat in a way that helps them flourish excites. I pair those who care for themselves with those who live a healthy lifestyle. Read more

It’s getting hot in here: Plus Size Jumpers for Summer Fun!

plus size black woman smiling in floral print romper

Summer is in full swing and the hotter it becomes the fewer clothes I want to wear. Summer fine in 2017 is all about embracing who you are and flaunting it. I picked these hot fits while traveling for work. I can shop anywhere it seems from back woods Michigan to the sticks of Kentucky.  I love the versatility of jumpers and rompers as anyone can wear one.

From a size 2-22, as long as you’re comfortable in your body. I believe sometimes we have to grow outside of our comfort zone and clothes help you do that. If you don’t like something you can just never wear it again, but you never know you may find a new love.

Denim Plaything

plus size black woman in denim romper Read more