Spring Revamp Fashion: How to refresh your closet on a Budget!

Bright prints and florals will always be the spring fashion staples. I adore wearing bold colors as my skin looks amazing in them. Now some parts of the country are stilling getting this white stuff that falls from the sky, but being in Texas we are enjoying wonderful cardigan weather. I’m always on the web looking for fashion inspo for the office. I got a lot from this article from ThredUp.  Working in corporate doesn’t have to be boring nor complicated. I don’t allow myself to be boxed in by what people think is plus fashion, I always will push the envelope and try new things.

Wardrobe Temperature Check

As I looked through my closet, I began to start taking into account what fits me well and what must go.

. I also took into account my weight loss. As my weight decreases, I want to make sure my favorite items still add to my image.  It’s nothing worse than a nice garment that doesn’t positively contribute to your life. It’s like a boy who well isn’t great.

Now that I know what’s in my closet, I created a list of pieces I really wanted to try this season. I really adore bright, hyper-feminine items. It’s something that feels bad ass when I wear things that people don’t believe should be done by a plus chick or professional. As a woman in these corporate streets, many believe you have to wear boring drab fashion. As long as I am alive, I will fight that with dope fashion.

Updating your wardrobe doesn’t have to break the bank. I first hit my local thrift stores to see what they have that can hit my goals. I also hit one my favorite site, Thredup an online thrift store that has amazing brands and up to 70% off retail. We can always use extra coins in her purse lol.

The Results

Outfit 1- Walking on Sunshine

I picked this bright yellow Eloquii skirt from ThredUp that instantly felt like a sunny day. Wear pieces that make you happy, your mood and bounce will change. I am a big supporter of rocking whatever the hell you want. Bozma St. John defines what a woman should wear to the office. Own your power ladies and rock out. I paired it with my other love, stripes. The nautical vibe screams wealth and lavish in my book.

who what wear stripped plus size blouse eloquii yellow skirt Read more

Can I get into the party: How Body Positivity affects the Black Woman

As a plus size influencer, I focus on areas of life that really can help you live your most festive life. For many women, their weight is a source of pain or celebrity. If you’re fit and trim you may receive better treatment than those who may not be. Those who may be more on the thicker side of life may notice their weight is a sore spot. I know looking at my life, I was ridiculed for being fat. After a while, I began to just accept that this was my life.

The Plus Journey

In 2011, I started the process of taking control of my life and losing weight. After about 1 year I had lost upwards of a 100lbs. This was an exciting yet scary time in my life. I was getting the attention that I had never received and I couldn’t enjoy the process as I was so wrapped up in getting to this token weight. As life would have it,


I am a black woman who by society terms isn’t acceptable.I have said before in an older post, that non-curvy plus woman are often marginalized.  Plus size women that are non-black are more accepted and the body positivity movement in a way is more so for them not black plus size women. If you have the hourglass figure you may be more fetishized, but where does that leave the more apple shaped women?  From dating prospects to job prospects to blogging opportunities those who aren’t built in more socially constructed “feminine” figure aren’t shown the love that others may get.  A black woman who isn’t curvy is often the butt of jokes and there is a  disregard for our existence. Read more