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Bougie Beauty: Valmont Clarifying Set

July 23, 2018

Good morning beauties. Coming to you guys with a quick skin care try out. The great people at rescue spa sent me some amazing goodies. Being the skincare lover that I am, I could not wait to try. I tried out the Valmont Clarifying Set. This set is supposed to be for making the skin more aluminous and vibrant. What girl doesn’t want to go from within.

So, this picture this is why I have to wash my face and using the product for the first time. So being in the skincare beauty blogger game, you really have to be extremely confident as you aren’t using any filters you’re showing people the skin that you’re in naturally. If I do say so myself my skin is pretty clear and just have some marks on them from past acne. I like that my skin is not perfect yet still extremely perfect.



Now in the set of photos, after four weeks of integrating this product in my skincare regimen, these are the results. My skin looks a bit brighter a bit clearer and definitely I’m glowing. Now I will stay with this product you definitely need to boost your moisturizing products, asked because the products are doing a lot of exfoliation in your skin will then be renewed but you have to make sure you baby that fresh skin. When you get a facial peel a lot of times the damage will come back and sometimes even worse because one is not doing safeguarding what makes you moisture almost riser or potent it I’m using SPF and just insuring that the skin remains protected because it is fresh skin. Is not having a newborn when you have a newborn baby, you take care of it and you keep it away from things that will be damaging to it. This will be the same thing that she would do what your skin.

If you went you’re set about my clarifying products, make sure to go to the RescueSpa.net and get yours. Now I will say these products are definitely in the luxury price range as a full-size product ranges between you believe 300 to 400 bucks. Are they worth the splurge, I would say if you can afford it go for it.

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