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5 Spring Beauty Must Haves for the Busy Professional

April 11, 2018


Spring 2018 is here and it’s a perfect reason to update your beauty game. I have played with a lot of new goodies and some old hits as well. You don’t have to reinvent the wheel when it comes to items that work. I tend to look at products I’m always reaching for and make me feel bawse on the regular. Being someone who not only blogs but also holds a professional role and is an entrepreneur, I need products that go the distance from catching a flight to sealing the deal over cocktails.

Just like your Spring cleaning, you should make sure everything you have is actually something you can use. I know when working with some of my beauty clients, people tend to hang on to products just to have it. If it’s not adding to your life then it needs to go.  I often will give products I don’t love to family and friends or if it’s a lot, I will donate to a local women’s shelter in order to spread the joy of beauty!

5 Spring 2018 Beauty Must  Have’s


With a billion new eyeshadow palettes dropping every few minutes, quality has gone done substantially.  As someone who is learning to work with less but still gets a big bang, I have really been intrigued by the 9 pan palettes from Morphe! I have about 4 palettes from them and they all bring the results I want. Now with any curated palette, there will be a shade or 2 that I just can’t wear because of my skin tone. But with their palettes, I have found they can translate well on a variety of people.  I have my eye on a few more as I want a bit of color for the summer months.


My quest for a great BB cream for Spring and Summer has been a bit of a struggle. Many of the high-end brands just don’t believe black women exist or if we do we aren’t all the same color.  It’s upsetting as my hard earned dollars spend just as well but I found this beauty while in Target.  I  have loved Black Radiance for a few years now actually back when they had the best blushes for chocolate girls. I love this BB cream as it doesn’t make me look ashy and helps to even out the skin. If I want more coverage I will use a bit of concealer on the areas I want to be covered then buff this on.  It takes a few minutes for it to dry down to a beautiful matte finish. Can’t beat a 4.99 foundation find.


Chocolate girls must wear sunscreen.  As I deepen my knowledge of acids and other skincare treatments something that constantly popped up was the need for sunscreen. The issue for women with darker skin is the horrid ashy look. No one wants to work hard on laying their makeup flawlessly to only see when they take pictures or in natural light, they look ghastly. I  picked up the Murad Invisiblur  SPF in a set from Ulta however if you want just the sunscreen Sephora will be your winner. I love how this blurs my pores well and acts almost like a primer for my BB cream. I will be giving a more in-depth review soon.  Take care of your skin and it will take care of you.


Ultra-violet is the Pantone Color of the  Year and I was so here for it. I love Smashbox’s Always Matte Liquid Lipstick in UltraViolet. It has a powerful color payoff and lasts forever. I have put this on in the morning and worked through many client meetings without needing a touchup. I love the formula as it looks on but doesn’t make my lips peel which is a common theme for liquid matte products. The color is a great way to add color to your daily makeup look and I have been stopped everywhere getting compliments on this color from both men and women lol. Take a step on the wild side a little.


Spring is a great time to clear outdated and unused beauty products and update with products that really meet your needs.  Each season I have made it a practice to clear out as I am always trying new products and I don’t want to end up on Hoarders Buried Alive edition because of beauty products.  Which product did you love and want to go ahead and pull the trigger on?

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