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Apple Shaped Girls Need Love too: Body Positivity for Non Curvy Girl

July 23, 2018

Welcome to the greatest season of the year Fall!  I’m happy we are in a new month and my fav season is coming rapidly. As a black blogger and a plus size blogger, I notice a lot of things that aren’t equal in the sphere. I don’t have a big bootie and tiny waist. I don’t have type 3a hair natural curls and I’m not fair skinned. All these things could be a barrier I just see it as I’m just the greatest thing ever— not generic. I wanted to share my thoughts for those who may be like me who have thicker waistlines, broad shoulders, no bootie or tiny booties. Your worth is not wrapped into your body.

I love being beautiful and not being like everyone else. I feel it makes me an even rarer gem as not many can be me. I love my chocolate skin and my gap. I love that I’m fish grease fire and highly deep. I’m a force to be reckoned with. If you can’t tell yourself this and believe it then this video was made for you in mind. If you are someone who hides their light because it can make others feel uncomfortable, this video is the medicine for your condition.

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