How to look like a complete snack for the holidays with Catherines!

Do you want to look like a complete snack for the holidays? I teamed up with Catherines and want to show you how to make you look yummy this Christmas season! Most people sleep on Catherines and I will be honest I use to as well. I would only go there if I  needed to get my nylons or girdles as I find them much better than other plus size stores. After spending some time with them I have changed my tune. I got all these items for 50 or less per item which is even more amazing. Head over to their site now to get your favorite items.

Causal Office Party/Brunch

So this cute Black Label Aster Ponte Peplum Top paired with jeans will be an easy thing to throw on for those last minute brunches or office parties. I love the faux leather detail on this shirt which adds a bit of edge. The shirt is great if you have a little tummy and want to wear a skinny jeans or pencil skirt. Top it off with a nice statement necklace and now you look like your just fabulous with trying.

Catherines Black Label Aster Ponte Peplum Top

Catherines Black Label Aster Ponte Peplum Top

Edgy for Dinner

This is amazing Curvy Collection Skirt With Ponte has it all edge with a bit of stretch for when you have that extra slice of pecan pie on my behalf. This skirt is made with a great stretch so you can look extra nice if you’re more blessed in the booty area. I paired this with a dramatic shirt something that matched my personality. This can be dressed up or down very easily. I’m going to take this along with me on my next business trip and pair it with a nice button down. Make your wardrobe work for you. I also love the little double split detail on the back allowing the legs some room.

Catherines Curvy Collection Skirt With Ponte


Snatch your Friend’s Daddy

So this AnyWear Dramatic Twist Dress was by far my favorite piece. I love that it’s floor length and long sleeved. Perfect to pair with a fur coat to look fab. This dress will be the daddy snatcher for this holiday season. I like that it front crossover detail which allows me to adjust the amount frisky I want to show.  Adding a nice necklace and even some nice bracelets will take this dress up higher. If your a bit self-aware a nice piece of shapewear will make everything perfectly flowy.

Catherines AnyWear Dramatic Twist Dress

Catherines AnyWear Dramatic Twist Dress



I hope this gives you some inspiration to look fabulous this season. I hope that you all enjoy this season in the way you want it to be. I normally don’t celebrate this season but with these looks, I may actually partake in a bit of a holiday twerk! Happy holidays and thank you Catherines for this opportunity!

Dress your Way into a Better Life: Plus Size Fashion Staples

plus size pencil skirt lane bryant


2018 is texting me that she is around the corner and she is like hey girl you need to be cute too! Over the last few months, I have been on a hyperdrive of transformation. I started earlier in the year with my heart and mind by seeing a therapist who if she was a movie she would be my favorite part. The next phase of my transformation has been my wardrobe. I kept items because well I felt having a lot meant I was good. It’s quite the opposite. I know that since I want to spur my career in a new way by going after more advanced roles and also launching my speaking pursuits, I needed everything in my closet to fit my current body well and make me feel amazing. No more needing 50-11 Spanks or feeling bad because I had a donut 2 months ago.

Your wardrobe truly reflects your style and voice. Many times, however, people don’t have their own voice. So what happens is they buy a lot of crap that is trendy and it never sees the light of day. Or some people feel fashion is BS and it’s vain—I use to think that way as well when I was super warped in religion. Fashion throughout the years has evolved but there are some things that are classics.

There are a few key pieces that I believe no matter your size or budget you need to have. Spend for your coins and budget. If you have it invest as it will help you not have to re-buy so frequently and can hold up.

Black Pencil Skirt/Pants

I’m a skirt type of girl so a nice form fitting but not come get it skirt is key. I picked this up recently at on clearance for 15.00. I was very pleased with the length and how it sucks you in. A solid pair of pants and my fav cut is wide-leg. I just think they look classic and size pencil skirt lane bryant plus size pencil skirt lane bryant

White Button-Down

Look babes let’s chat for a brief moment especially if you have twins. If you are an  A cup I ain’t got nothing but love for you, but this isn’t your chat. If you are like me rocking some 42G’s you must ensure a button down fits you properly. I have had to go up a size and get it taken in to fit me properly. Unless your giving your lover a show, the look of popping out isn’t cute. I have had times when a shirt seemed risky and popped at the worst time, an interview. Thankfully I caught it before they did. Invest in as high quality as you can and take the few dollars to get it size pencil skirt lane bryant plus size pencil skirt lane bryant

Trench Coat

I picked this baby up, a London Fog up in a thrift store on random. It’s been the best 20 bucks spent. I love the classic tan color, the red lining and overall well put together look. It has kept me warm while on many of my up North work trips. Invest in coats that are sturdy and can last the hands of time. I once had a cute little coat from Dots and went to Rhode Island. The result was an inner ear infection and chest cold. Don’t be like me, get a good coat.tracee ellis ross dress tracee ellis ross dress

Statement Dress

I was minding my own biz when I saw the Tracey Ellis Ross collection at JCP had finally dropped. I was so heading towards the sequin dress but this number caught my eye. I love different prints and that it’s long sleeve. A statement dress can be anything that you want it to be. It can be a solid color but have an interesting fit or can be a wild color. Whatever you pick, make sure it fits you like a glove and makes you feel like you are Beyonce.tracee ellis ross dress tracee ellis ross dress

These items to me are key to being able to go anywhere and looking amazing. I always believe that you invest in the look you want. I’m good with creating a list and going to thrift stores to find high -quality pieces to add to your closet. No one has to spend a billion bucks to look it. I also firmly believe to be patient vs just hitting the racks at places like F21 or other fast fashion retailers. They are good for going to the club and you ever so often will find that fun piece like a sequin skirt. A wardrobe that has solid fabrics and even if needed some tailoring will help you be a step above. No more tugging at skirts or holding your purse just right in order to hide. Walk boldly and confidently into the new year and your new life!


FORM Beauty Ambassador: Why you should check them out


Happy December! We have made it to the last month of the year. It’s been a whirlwind but a great year. To help you get a leg up on the new year, I wanted to share that I have partnered with Form Beauty! It’s been a goal of mind to work with a natural hair care brand that includes all women. Even though my hair is much shorter now, I still take care of my golden fro.


I stumbled upon them while sipping and scrolling on the gram. Such a deadly combo. What caught my eye was the diverse mixture of models. Not everyone has 3 a hair and not everyone is fair skinned. I love seeing brands that really get this. Many times, brands are one-sided or just old in their ways. I want products that have minimal chemicals, add moisture to my delicate strands and do exactly what they were made to do. I was sent two products that I will be giving a review on later this month.

As a plus beauty blogger, I often feel the need to push myself into spaces that don’t have representation that looks like me. I’m definitely a unicorn in this space. I love all things beauty and definitely hair is in the top 3 areas. As my short hair morphs into a lavish fro, I want to start it out with proper styling products that will help me grow my hair to it’s fullest extent. 2018 and my hair will be bff’s!



In coming weeks, I will be sharing with you my thoughts on the products and how I have integrated them into my hair care routine. If you want to get your hands on products and want to save 10%:  click the link  FORM Beauty!

I would never share products that aren’t great or don’t hit the goal of my life. Don’t go into 2018 with hair that isn’t living it’s best life!

How 32 years old looks: Birthday Makeup Look

beauitful black woman with short blonde hair in makeup

November is the most wonderful month of the year! I debuted about 96 years ago in this wonderful month. As I get older my desires for my month have evolved. I don’t do turn up anything unless you count Sephora or Ulta. But this year I wanted to look amazing and out of my comfort zone. I’m a queen of a nice neutral eye with winged liner. However, whilst scrolling on the gram I came across a look that had me totally shook. I am chocolate so I had to make the look compliment my skin. I love color and I also love glitter, like who doesn’t love glitter.

Since we are near the end of Fall and Winter is starting to tantalize us with her presence, I wanted something extremely smoky and sultry.  Smokey doesn’t always have to be dark and bland. It’s my Birthday so I do what I want to. All the products will be listed below.

Product List


Nars Pore & Shine Control Primer

Black Opal Total Coverage Concealer in Hazlenut

Black Opal Total Coverage Foundation in Hazelnut

Blackup Cosmetics Contour Stick in NCONT03 – medium

Black Opal Powder in Ebony Bronze 

MAC Cosmetics Pinch Me Blush

Maybelline Highlighter in Molden Gold


MAC  Bijou and Fushia Fury and I’m into it  eyeshadow

NYX Electro Blush-Crease

MAC Smolder liner-lower lash line only

Ardell Doube Volume 252 lashes


Stila Liquid Lipgloss in Patina

MAC Chestnut


Final Look

beauitful black woman with short blonde hair in makeup

The top 5 things I have learned at 32

black woman smiling in new york and co dress

So with every passing year, I have gained insight and understanding about this life. It’s not always perfectly coifed like so many images out there but it’s mine. As November comes to a close, I felt it would be benefitting to share what I have learned with the world. I hope this helps, inspires, and intrigues you to reflect on your own life. Share your thoughts in the comments.

Top 5 things I learned at 32

  1. Until you fully understand, you will continue to go through the lesson
  2. Your body deserves the best treatment you can afford
  3. Love is a not forever
  4. Enjoy being alone and being with others
  5. Depression isn’t who you are

This was probably the hardest post I have ever written as it shows the areas I work so hard at concealing. In a world that is perfect filters and highlights, the desire to be fully authentic is very pressing. To sit before yourself and learn about you is not an easy thing to do. We do many things to distract ourselves from chasing after dreams, fuck boys and scrolling on the gram. To working late hours, obsessing over your weight, hair, or marital status. None of those things really matter in the gram scheme of life.

Yes having nice cars, body and a lover is a great thing but your value and energy should be more focused on learning yourself and growing. We often become stagnant and use the following cop out to not change: It’s just who I am. A lot of that is utter BS. Now I’m black and a woman but aside from that when I want to give folks these hands to the person who cut me off or the guy who wouldn’t give me the time of day because I’m my not skinny and light-skinned, I have to stop and acknowledge my woman in bubble bath

We make choices daily that could make or break our lives dramatically. If for example, I got a hold of the person who cut me off I could beat their ass and go to the jail or could find out that the person is a 90-year-old who is trying to get to their grandkids’ recital. Everything that happens in life you have a choice on how you respond. Things may happen but you get to chose do I operate out of grace or entitlement.

At my age of 32, I have encountered a lot of heartaches, disappointment, and pain. However, I have allowed myself over the past year to heal. There comes a time when you just have to become serious about your life’s work. Do you want to be known for being volatile or a healer? Do you want to be known as the coulda, shoulda or woulda chick or the chick that get’s shit down in spite of circumstances?

I leave you this as my final Bday month thought: Be the light you desire to see in the world and b comfortable very comfortable being uncomfortable. Many of your life’s desires are just an inch outside of your safe bubble that actually is counterproductive to your life.