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Plus and Fitness: Best fitness advice for plus size fitness

July 23, 2018
plus size black woman in athletic wear lifting dumbbell


Fitness will always be bae as it has helped me to become a greater person. Now losing weight is cool but for me over the past few months, it has allowed me to regain perspective and trust within myself. Here are my top 5 best fitness advice for plus or not.

5. People are watching but not in the way you think!

I have had many people stop me while I’m working out to compliment my gusto. Now I find it remarkable that people see me and then stop me as I’m not a friendly type. But the notion of keep showing up and do good work is very important. You do your thing and taking care of your health can inspire others to do the same. I didn’t grow up well but seeing those who beast it or eat in a way that helps them flourish excites. I pair those who care for themselves with those who live a healthy lifestyle.

4. Buy the cute gear

Wearing supportive yet cute workout gear makes me want to workout and go hard. Nothing like workout tights that won’t stay up or shirt that you keep tugging at while doing HIIT workout. Being a brand ambassador for Rainbeau Curves has given me, even more, appreciation for this notion. Another key fitness gear item is a great supportive bra. No matter what size you are, having good support just ensure you a more focused workout.

plus size black woman in athletic wear lifting dumbbell
Me in cute Old Navy Woman Plus workout gear. I’m cute and lifting!

3. You’re worth the money and time

For a long time, I didn’t think I deserved to reward myself for my hard work. I also felt I had to be perfect with everything to feel great to buy the new dress. You deserve all that is great and wonderful. Spend on high-quality foods, get the gym membership and get the right gear for your goals. Along that same notion treat yo self to that new pair of heel or massage for hitting your goals. It will help you especially if your goal is a big one.

2. Fuck the scale

The scale doesn’t equate how hard you work nor your value! If you seek validation from outside forces you will end up being chained to that thing. With any tool of measurement, it can help to gauge what you’re doing. However, if your mood changes because the scale hasn’t moved or gasp goes up then you need to step away and refocus. Your goals should be focused on being as healthy as you can and enjoying the flow from it. I want to live a life that is full and not limited because of my body. A plus body can be healthy and a small body can be unhealthy.

plus size black woman in athletic wear lifting dumbbell
Know your worth and power. Being healthy has no size.

1. If you love you well your energy will too!

I have tried losing weight for many of years but never got real traction. When I changed my mindset of doing all that I can do with the focus of self-love that was a true game changer. Many times people set out on goals that are driven based on fear. The energy of fear of not wanting to be left behind or wanting to be validated push us to go after these #goals. After a while, we go back to our old ways because we did things out of fear. When your energy is set on love, it allows you grace if you stumble and helps you to keep going. When you are in a positive energy flow everything works.

This is advice can help anyone plus or not. What you put into the world and into your body can help you flourish.

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