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Black and Proud: How to rock African print in your life

July 23, 2018
African print skirt on plus size black woman


We are in the deep of Black History Month. For many years I tried to minimize my blackness in corporate America like many others. However, my heart was not happy. I wanted to fully express myself and it not be perceived as me being outrageous. As I got older and figured out that folks will be uncomfortable with my presence no matter what I do, I just said f it and morphed into my full self.

So I went digging in my closet and stumbled upon my African printed skirts. I often travel in parts of the US that aren’t welcoming to people of color. In 2018 we will not live in fear anymore so I wanted to incorporate my prints into my work day. I love things that are colorful and intricate.  Hiding behind what others may think of you is a life that isn’t being lived fully. I wear my kinky hair and melanin with pride. Fun fact, the night before shooting these looks I wanted to give myself an edge up, yea that ended with me doing a complete baldie look. I think I look damn good if I say so my self.

Button down- Rock the green

Here I paired my lovely skirt with a button down. It allows me to have a nice elegant feel that is black opulence. I got many stares and some even felt ok enough to ask about it. I look at each opportunity I move boldly as a teaching opportunity. If you’re not around other types of people you often are unaware.

Black and Proud

I really loved how versatile the skirt is and the color just makes me feel like wealth. For more of a casual look, I paired it with my fav shirt from my fav tee shirt company, Adorned by Chi which is the epicenter of Soft Black Girl Magic.  My Black and Proud shirt make me feel super femme yet strong, which is how I view every black woman.

To wear something as bold means you have to really bring it.  As a black woman, the world often overlooks our beauty. Now don’t get me wrong every woman has her own beauty. But there is something that is often missed or is an afterthought from the societal narrative of black women. When I adorn my head with such head wraps, I feel regal and just the definition of black opulence.

African print skirt on plus size black woman African print skirt on plus size black woman

I hope you enjoyed these looks as much as I loved creating this looks. I felt as though I was the queen of the world! Make sure to check out Adorned by Chi to get your dope nerdy tees.

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