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Black Girl Glow: NIA Skincare Review

July 23, 2018

Hello, beauties! Hope your week has been amazing. Are you a lady on the go who still wants to look as though you slept 8 hours yet only got 3? Are you a lady who has mastered hitting the gym at 5 am and still looking effortlessly fly by that 7:30 am stand up meeting? If this is you I have some skincare products that can make you look amazing without a billion steps.

If you have been following me on Instagram then you know I have been on a big skincare kick. I connected with NIA a skincare line that tag line “Not Into Aging”. The company is young and fresh like me as they speak for the millennial who needs affordable yet impactful products. These products are super-efficient and really cool to use. I received their Fake Awake Triple Action Eye Gel, Sunday Detox Whipped Peel -Off Mask and Fully Charged Serum X Moisturizer. I was extremely intrigued by each product. Now you know I only like to give reviews on products that are honest. So without further a due, here are my thoughts.

Fake Awake Triple Action Eye Gel

This eye gel is very nice and moisturizing. It’s not heavy or greasy which is great as you shouldn’t use products that feel that way around the eyes. I love the applicator which gives this nice cooling sensation in the morning. I noticed on mornings after a hard night, my eyes would look more refreshed before I put my makeup on. So this is a winner in my on the go girl arsenal.

Sunday Detox Whipped Peel-Off Mask

This product is a bit different. So it’s in a can and sprays out like mousse. Once you spray it out it then turns into a peel off clay mask. It was a little tricky to apply as I’m not used to the product. After getting it on it dried quite quickly. I have never had great success with peel off mask as they never really fit the bill. I liked how rich the mask felt going onto the skin and that it dried pretty quickly. If you’re trying to do a quick facial this definitely would fit the bill.NIA

Fully Charged Serum X Moisturizer

I really wanted to love this product. Tried it with a variety of ways and it still didn’t live up to my expectations. I love products that couple steps together especially when you’re trying to spruce yourself up after a morning workout and be ready to face the day. The texture of the product is a gel and feels very light weight. After using it a few times my skin felt very dry and not supple like other moisturizers I have used. Now, this may be perfect for someone who has extremely oily skin which for me I have combo/dry skin. Areas such as my T-zone which normally are supple were even dry. So this product is a no-go for me.

I hope that this review helps those who are wanting to speed up their skin care routine a bit but still want to look amazing. I want to thank NIA (Not Into Aging) for this goodies as I love my skincare. You can find these products at your local ULTA stores or at ULTA.com.

  1. Thanks for sharing your honest opinion on these items! I am intrigued by the brand story and so curious about the eye gel. I need that refreshed look you mentioned so honey I will brake for a great eye gel!

    Great review!

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