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Skincare fit for a African Queen: Black-Owned Beauty

July 23, 2018
minimo natural skincare products

February is Black History Month and Valentine’s Day is on our heels.  In the energy of self-love and nothing but total adoration for black women, let’s have a deeper spa night.  As a black woman and even as a black beauty blogger, I am always excited when I see women who create lines that look like me. I know so many people went crazy over RiRi’s Fenty Beauty as it represented whole 40 shades that gave women of color the opportunity to flourish. I haven’t really had the chance to embark on that line much but it got me to thinking about other black-owned or black-focused beauty brands.

My love for all things beauty from color to fragrance and especially skincare is strong. I don’t subscribe totally to the notion that “Black don’t crack” as we still have to take adequate care of our skin. We live in a world that is constantly moving and we are often going through so many phases. By ensuring your skincare game is solid, you can definitely slow down the aging process keeping your skin impeccable.

Black-owned skincare

I was provided some products from Elements of Aliel and it was a pure joy to work with them. I love testing out new products from indie brands because their focus is filling a great need in the market. Bigger brands are great and I definitely use some, but I have always felt the smaller brands kill it as the level of quality is richer because they actually can make changes easier.

elements of aliel arise black soap and coffee scrub

Another great brand that has been featured before is Minimo. Check out that post here.I am still rocking their products as they are effective. As someone whose bathroom counter looks like a beauty counter, I notice products I constantly reach for are the ones that yield results. My fav product from them is their Glow Skin Brightening Face Scrub and Flawless Acne-Fighting Charcoal Facial Scrub. I rotate doing physical exfoliation as it keeps my skin baby smooth and allows for the next step, serum to actually produce results. If your skin is flakey your serums and treatments can’t penetrate.minimo natural skincare products

Getting the opportunities to use brands that are made by black women makes my heart sing. 20 years ago there wouldn’t be that opportunity. Heck if we are real you reading this blog post wouldn’t be possible. With each opportunity to express and to see what this world has to offer, I’m more humbled by the blessing. Products made by us for us is important as the needs of my skin is different from my nonblack influencers. It also has more meaning to me as it’s a representative of my life.Elements of Aliel arise and love cleanser

What are some of your fav black-owned brands? I know new product lines are dropping and that makes me excited. Live your life and create your world.

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