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Can I get into the party: How Body Positivity affects the Black Woman

March 7, 2018

As a plus size influencer, I focus on areas of life that really can help you live your most festive life. For many women, their weight is a source of pain or celebrity. If you’re fit and trim you may receive better treatment than those who may not be. Those who may be more on the thicker side of life may notice their weight is a sore spot. I know looking at my life, I was ridiculed for being fat. After a while, I began to just accept that this was my life.

The Plus Journey

In 2011, I started the process of taking control of my life and losing weight. After about 1 year I had lost upwards of a 100lbs. This was an exciting yet scary time in my life. I was getting the attention that I had never received and I couldn’t enjoy the process as I was so wrapped up in getting to this token weight. As life would have it,


I am a black woman who by society terms isn’t acceptable.I have said before in an older post, that non-curvy plus woman are often marginalized.  Plus size women that are non-black are more accepted and the body positivity movement in a way is more so for them not black plus size women. If you have the hourglass figure you may be more fetishized, but where does that leave the more apple shaped women?  From dating prospects to job prospects to blogging opportunities those who aren’t built in more socially constructed “feminine” figure aren’t shown the love that others may get.  A black woman who isn’t curvy is often the butt of jokes and there is a  disregard for our existence.

As someone who desires to be healthy and wants a love life one day, I  had to make some deep self- reflection and changes.  I had to go deep within self to know my motives for losing weight. At one point in my life, it was more for the attention of men. I did everything within my power sans illegal stuff to lose it. After hitting several life hurdles, the weight and the unhelpful self-views came back with a vengeance.

Does Body Positivity colorblind?

black woman in active wear SheFit Sports Bra
Sexy in my She Fit Sports Bra

Non-black women who advocate the body positivity movement, are wanting to fight the bridle of conformity. I adore those who proudly rock their existence and don’t shrink back for others comfort.  Black women, however, historically have been seen as less of a woman and haven’t been afforded the same liberties and compassion.  As a black woman, the constant message is I have to be perfect in order to marry a proper suitor, to gain access to better employment/blogger opportunities and hell to receive more humane treatment.  When you don’t conform to this message, one is often subjected to unsolicited advice–not asked for advice and notions that if you aren’t on the smaller spectrum you will be denied access to better quality life.

Now I am in my fitness journey again and it’s something that I love. However, many don’t see me as someone who should be worthy to talk about health and wellness. In the plus community, weight is a trigger. For some, they have used their size to reach a level of fame and others have used their extreme weight loss to get deals.

At times in life, you may go through a rough period which you do all you can to just survive. I speak from the heart on this as I use to use food to get through. Being self-aware allowed me to manage my stress better.

The narrative of plus size women has to change in 2018. We all want to live our best lives which includes being healthy. Plus size women workout, like healthy-ish and want to be cute while doing it. We all don’t have the same goal but we all want to live full lives. Seeing someone who is larger workout shouldn’t be such a spectacle. When I see a  post on the gram of someone beasting it, it shouldn’t be such a shocker. As an ambassador for SheFit, a dope sports bra brand I have mentioned many times on this blog, I felt nervous applied. Why you might ask because I’m not super thin nor am I doing anything crazy to lose weight. I was happy to be accepted and being able to share my brand of fitness and stamp in the world.

I focus on fitness on my blog as it’s something that isn’t mainstream and it’s something I adore. Losing weight is a byproduct of living a healthy life. When I focused more on my weight the bigger I became. It’s not surprising when I regained every bit of it because it’s what I focused on the most. Now I focus on respecting myself and giving my body what it likes.

Fitness is such a personal thing, you have to own your definition of health for you. I always think am I limited in doing anything I want in this life?  If I am living my life to it’s fullest then I keep moving.  What is your definition of healthy? Drop those comments below!

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