The Ultimate High-class Experience: Dîner en Blanc 2017

diner en blanc dallas tx 2017

A few weeks ago, I got the opportunity to attend the Dîner en Blanc  Dallas which I was hosted by Lincoln Motor Company. It was a very much an experience outside of my element as one had to wear all white and be outside. White is a color I never wear—hello foundation transfer and being outdoors, well is definitely something I tend not to do especially while engaging in a nice dinner.

diner en blanc dallas tx 2017

I made a beauty mission impossible move by finding an outfit while in the backwoods of Arkansas. I was invited out within days of the event and made it happen. To my surprise, I  was able to locate a quick inexpensive dress from Rainbow that was on clearance just waiting for me and shoes for under 50 bucks.  I also made a mad dash to be ready after finding out my car was in need of the ER.

It was a beautiful sight seeing so many people dressed to the nines in all white and enjoying what I like to call an adult picnic. The concept of Dîner en Blanc started back 30 years ago in Paris. It was a very high-class event which entails one to bring their own picnic items that must be pristine and all white. Even the attire must be of the best levels possible with creativity yet must still err on the side of elegance.

The ambiance that Lincoln provided was elegant that included an upper echelon menu and beautiful décor. I enjoyed being swept off in a Lincoln MKX to the secret site, which happened to be one of Dallas’s most enchanting outdoor wonders, the Dallas Arboretum. Instead of being in hyper blogger mode, I allowed myself to enjoy the beauty of the event.diner en blanc dallas 2017 diner en blanc dallas tx 2017

It’s always a gift and a pleasure to attend such events as it allows me to engage in what my city has to offer. After a hard week of travel and having to put my car on life support, this allowed me to come out of comfort zone and relish in feeling pretty and being around pretty energy. Thank you, Lincoln Motor Company and Dîner en Blanc!

Plus Size Fall Professional Fashion

It’s a wonderful time to break out more layers and make the best time of the year be great. Your wardrobe for the fall doesn’t have to cost an arm and leg.I adore going to thrift stores ] in the summer in order to find the cute nice pieces for my fall wardrobe update.The best time to start looking for fall or for the next season is the start towards the end of the season you’re in. To find dope pieces I tend to go when most people are doing their season wardrobe overhaul. This means I can get some amazing pieces and be prepared for another next season. I enjoy having a lot to chose from when shopping. I got the best thrift coat in the middle of July.

These 3 looks I curated, are all from my love of thrifting while I travel. Being in small towns I often am able to pick up nice pieces because well small town folks don’t always have fashion.

Look 1 Plaid Passion

I pulled this look straight of the rack, the thrift store racks! I got both items recently while traveling in backwoods Ohio. Sometimes the kids don’t know what treasure they have. I love plaids and old school blouses. The blouse has a nice bow tie detail and puffy shoulders. The plaid is a bit different as such a different mixture of colors. I think this is one of my fav looks. attractive black woman in black shirt and plaid skirt

attractive black woman in black shirt and plaid skirt



Look 2 Polka Dots Make me Happy

I love dresses if you can’t tell from my last post. I feel so hyper-femme in them. I will tell you a secret, growing up I was and still am a tomboy. I never wore dressed growing up as pants were the only thing I felt comfortable in. Now I can’t get enough. I wear this dress often in the winter as its long sleeve and it has pockets. It’s a New York and Co dress that I picked up from one of my fav places, Goodwill. When you see a 2.99 dress I mean come on.  black woman in new york and co polka dot dress plus size

Look 3 Military and Navy

I love green and its many shades. For fall I enjoy mixing it up a bit.I picked this polka dot skirt up recently and thought it can be mixed into the fall rotation. Hunter green will be a hot color this fall and super melanin friendly!

black woman in olive shirt and navy skir

Corporate Beat: Fall makeup look with Smashbox

black woman wearing makeup

Hello, beauties! Fall is here and this kid is so excited. Fall makeup is drama and power. I love it so much as I can do all the layers and extra’s that I give up in the summer as I live in Texas. In this look, I’m giving you corporate beat for fall. Being in a corporate role, you can’t give the kids too much but I will help you spoon feed them just enough.

Makeup in the office doesn’t have to be all or nothing. I have worked in a variety of environments and have seen the struggle. Some women go way too heavy and some go bare face altogether. Neither is a great thing as studies have shown, women who don’t wear makeup appear to be unpolished at the office. On the opposite side of the coin, women who wear too much makeup aren’t taken as seriously. When it comes to your beauty life, you should wear what feels comfortable to you but know there is always an image to be upheld.

Makeup and beauty in this day and age are still in the dark ages in the corporate world. I feel you should be able to wear what you want without judgment. Working in more rigid environments, I have learned how to alter my image to find the flow.  Your look should fit your role that you want to be in.  However, make your look reflect who you are, just the more refined version of you.

If you would wear something to a club, it’s a safe bet you shouldn’t wear it to the office.The look I created can give you balance as it gives you just the right amount of drama.


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Well Moisturized and Fabulous: Fall Must Favorites


The fall air makes me feel all tingly inside. Aside from fall allergies, this is the best season of the year. With the weather changes, your beauty needs will change a bit as well. I wanted to share my must have’s for the Fall months. Don’t neglect your body just because it’s a little colder. You don’t want to have to do a major overhaul once Spring comes back around.    My beauty favs come on all price points as beauty and pampering should be for everyone.

Drop me some comments below about your fav beauty products for fall. Life is better when you’re well moisturized and fabulous!

Products mentioned:


Maybelline X Makeup By Shayla Palette

Smashbox Ablaze Palette 

Black Opal Foundation Stick

Black Opal Ultra Matte Powder

Black Opal Total Coverage Concealer

Black Opal Total Coverage Foundation

Skincare/Body Care

Aveeno Clear Complexion Cream Cleanser

Minimo Flawless Acne-Fighting Charcoal Scrub

Minimo  Perk Whipped Body Polish

Nubian Heritage Abyssinian Oil and Chai Seed Body Wash


Minino Divine Nutritive Daily Leave-In

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Fresh off the Runway Fall 2017 Beauty Looks: Metallic Makeup

August always puts me in the mindset of getting ready for fall. Summer is still here but fall is right around the corner. I wanted to incorporate texture into this look by way of metallic eye shadows. Fall trends are showing heavy gold and silver looks. You can make the look your own with this tutorial.

This look will be in the rotation as I can make it even more intense or even office cute. Let me know if you liked this look by commenting, sharing and subscribing.

Products used


Becca Matte Primer

Black Opal Stick Foundation in Hazelnut, Nutmeg and Ebony  Brown


RCMA Colorless Powder

Black Opal Face Powder in Deep

MAC Studio Finish Powder in NW45


Makeup Forever Blush in M738 Auburn

Maybelline Face Studio Master Chrome Highlight in Molten Gold


INGLOT COSMETICS Freedom System Eye Shadow 335 Matte

Karity Nude and Rudes Vera and Richness

MAC Into It Eyeshadow

MAC Rule Eyeshadow

NYX Micro Brow Pencil in Brunette and  Expresso


MAC Lip Liner in Current

NYX  Lip Lingerie in Teddy