Traveling Beauty Must Haves: How to look like money with limited products

Back in March, I had another luggage scare because of American Airlines. I was tired from yet another work week on the road. To my fear and horror, once I sanitized my seat on the plane, one bag was logged but not the other. I look at my luggage like my kids so one of my children was not accounted for.

I am a lover of beauty and looking marvelous no matter where I am. The plane ride home was the longest 1 hr and 54 mins of my life. I was so thankful to see both bags appear on the baggage claim. After recovering I thought long and hard about this risk. Each time I check a bag it could be the last time I see them. Now, this may sound hella dramatic over beauty products, but for me, it was a great wake up call. I don’t want to sacrifice my best makeup for a job I’m not in love with.

To help recovery from such trauma I took it to the streets and found myself at Ulta. I wanted to find products that are compact and delivery results but more cost-effective.  The struggle for the girl who enjoys looking her best is making sure product quality is on par.  The days of drugstore products being below the standard have changed substantially. I love Ulta as it gives me the best of both worlds, the prestige lines, and the drug store.  I made a game plan of items I knew I needed in order to not skip a beat while out traveling.  A neutral eye is always going to be your best bet especially for professional trips, your base must make you look well rested and the tools of the trade don’t have to break the bank but must deliver.

Travel Beauty Must Have’s


I found the Morphe 9B Bronzed Babe palette gives me exactly what I need to create my classic look and for only 12 dollars I couldn’t pick it up fast enough. I have been able to create my classic look with ease. The variety of finishes in the palette allow me to create that neutral look but then the shimmer shades allow me to add a bit of sparkle when I’m taking my look from day to night. Read more

My Skin is Magik: The Better Skin Co Review

I love getting goodies in the mail especially when they are skin care goodies. I was sent products from The Better Skin Co to test out. I admire the story of the owner who came over to the US and put her stamp on the beauty world. Ladies, never ever feel what you know can’t be used to help others.

About the Brand

They are Paraben, Surfactant and Gluten Free and Vegan. I tend to like products that aren’t chopped full of toxins as much as I possibly can. Each product is fast acting and helps to prevent skin issues like acne and dehydration from re-occurring.

Price points are between 18-68 dollars and they just recently launched at Ulta.

The Product Review

Mirakle Cream

I tried this product first as my skin is still recovering from the brutality that is Salt Lake City, UT and almost a month in Connecticut. I have what is considered combo dry skin. I applied this cream after doing my nightly routine and felt my skin was still a bit parched.


the better skin co mirakle cream I noticed an immediate boost in my skin moisture levels. I have tried a variety of creams from the low end and high end that doesn’t always hit the bill. I prefer creams that are moisturizing and not greasy. I felt this cream did its job of penetrating the skin and making me feel supple.

My initial review of this product is stellar and I want to continue using this to see i


f it lives up to its claim to help decrease hyperpigmentation.

Lava Magik

This is a unique product of the line to me as it’s a 3 in 1 product that can be used as a cleanser, scrub and mask. As someone who is learning to be a minimalist with travel, using products that serve multiple purposes is awesome. One of the claims of the product is that it helps diminish the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and acne scars. As someone who gets the occasional hormonal outbreak, this really made me happy.


The product also helps to prevent acne outbreaks, has anti-inflammatory properties and helps to minimize pores, blemishes and re-texturizes the skin. With Spring being in full rotation, I have opted for a more 2nd skin finish which means using less full coverage foundations. If your skin is smooth and supple your foundation can thrive, if not then it will have a lot of issues.

Zit No More

Me and stress no each other real well. When I am stressed to the max my skin lets me know I’m out of order. Listen to your body ladies as it speaks very clearly. This product is a great acne treatment.the better skin co zit no more

I love products that help dry out stubborn and sometimes painful acne bumps and harnesses the greatness of essential oils such as Tea Tree, Rose Hop, and Rosewood. It also has a special technology to help protect skin from environmental pollution, especially since I’m always being introduced to foreign areas.

I love a great day, especially for great skin care products. From 3/18 to 4/7, will be offering TBSCO’s Lava Magik at 40% off as part of their 21 days of Beauty promotion.

Spring Fresh: How to get the that face in 20 minutes

The birds are chirping outside my window on this bright glorious morning. I have a meeting with a potential client for my consulting firm later this afternoon. As I do some daily self- reflection I notice I feel uninspired. As someone who is constantly burning both ends of the candle, I run the risk of burnout quite often. This is the plight of many women out there especially those who are aspiring entrepreneurs or those who are on their corporate ladder grind.

Makeup is often seen as a luxe item or optional item, however,  I beg to differ. What you invest in, will produce results. I invest in my appearance and personal development in return, I have grown by leaps and bounds. You don’t have to be rich to look it. To advance in life how you package yourself matters.  As a black woman, it’s easy to put on this mule mentality where you don’t take the proper time to care for your own needs. Being someone who is transitioning from that mentality, it hasn’t been easy but I know I’m worth the time.  If you plan what is important to you, you will see results. If you want to see a better you this is the perfect time to start investing.

Read more

Total Adoration: Love Letter to the Black Woman

elements of aliel arise black soap and coffee scrub

February is the month of black history and love. Many will be swept off their feet for Valentine’s Day. As a black woman who hasn’t dated anyone in her adult life, I often feel so left out of the love. Me as a black woman I never understood this notion of my power until recent years. As I continue to evolve I am able to see the beauty in me. Self-love is a powerful force that is truly rare and the most liberating feeling in the world because if you set your tempo then you are able to flourish.

For every woman out there but especially my black women who may have battled so much in your life. We battle the appropriation of our essence by others who desire to appear cool but aren’t. We are stripped of our power often in corporate settings because we desire to scale the ladder. The stigma of being Superwoman to a world that doesn’t love us. As I reflect on my life, I know this one thing that if I focus on love it will grow. If I focus on my strength and power it will blossom.

Often left out of the mainstream mix of faux depth and positivity, I wrote this love letter to myself. Instead of wallowing in self-pity and repeating the negative recording I wanted to push out something that was different yet me. I am not one of those peppy types nor am I into the faux images of greatness. My version of beauty is like that of a dark roast coffee. It’s robust and pungent. Once it takes effect it can have you seeing the world from a higher level.Elements of Aliel arise and love cleanser Read more

Skincare fit for a African Queen: Black-Owned Beauty

minimo natural skincare products

February is Black History Month and Valentine’s Day is on our heels.  In the energy of self-love and nothing but total adoration for black women, let’s have a deeper spa night.  As a black woman and even as a black beauty blogger, I am always excited when I see women who create lines that look like me. I know so many people went crazy over RiRi’s Fenty Beauty as it represented whole 40 shades that gave women of color the opportunity to flourish. I haven’t really had the chance to embark on that line much but it got me to thinking about other black-owned or black-focused beauty brands.

My love for all things beauty from color to fragrance and especially skincare is strong. I don’t subscribe totally to the notion that “Black don’t crack” as we still have to take adequate care of our skin. We live in a world that is constantly moving and we are often going through so many phases. By ensuring your skincare game is solid, you can definitely slow down the aging process keeping your skin impeccable.

Black-owned skincare

I was provided some products from Elements of Aliel and it was a pure joy to work with them. I love testing out new products from indie brands because their focus is filling a great need in the market. Bigger brands are great and I definitely use some, but I have always felt the smaller brands kill it as the level of quality is richer because they actually can make changes easier.

elements of aliel arise black soap and coffee scrub Read more