Black Owned Skincare: Fall Skincare with Minimo Beauty

black woman in minimo facial scrub gazing happily

The fall season always makes me want to start looking at my skin care even closer in order to prepare my skin for the harsh winter months ahead. Most skin care is prevention in order to keep it looking its best. In August I got a sample of a product that was amazing to me instantly. I am picky about my skin care products as well I’m bougie and like the best for myself.

Minimo is a natural skincare and body line that was created by the wonderful people who created KeraVeda. I love that they are black owned and operated and are made with really awesome ingredients. The story behind the brand really resonated with me as the desire to have a minimalist flow of products that are highly effective is key.

I was sent some amazing goodies from the line that I want to share. In this video, I will be doing a demo and review on each product. I will show how I mesh the products into my normal skin care regimen.  Go to their site to get your goodies.

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Take it off Chick: Night time Skincare routine

Summer months mean we all will be wearing less and going out more. Don’t let the sun be disrespectful to your skin. My skincare changes just slightly when in the summer months. Everybody wants that flawless skin to slay on the gram but if you don’t invest in your skincare you can go ahead and hang it up. Now every body’s skin is different but these things have helped me who has combo-dry skin that can be a bit bougie.


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Mocha Chronicles: Work Slay

Mocha Chronicles: Work Slay

What’s good beauties! I know many of you work in a corporate setting and you love makeup. You want to feel extra pretty yet know that if you wear too much makeup in the corporate world folks will think you slept your way through but if you don’t wear any makeup people actually won’t take you as serious. There’s many research reports on this very matter. The more makeup they added to the lady the better she was perceived. Shocking and sad but yet still not surprising in our society. Read more

Mocha Travel Chronicles: Baggage and Beauty Delays


So, after 18 months of traveling for work my bags where delayed. I began to feel very faint and my heart began to race. Thoughts that my bright pink suitcase that has been badly teetered would not be recovered made me weak. My experience wasn’t the greatest with the airlines as United brushed off my concerns as they felt they weren’t responsible and American giving a true Kayne shrug that the bag will come up but when they weren’t certain.

I left the Flint Michigan Airport at midnight after a long hard hour of being on the baggage assistance line with United. All pleasantness was far expired as it had taken me over 8 hours to finally get to a place that I had no desire to go. I left wondering is all this hustle and bustle really worth it? Was this undisclosed amount of an annual salary really worth my health, mental wellbeing and my beauty items each week. This was not a great start on the 1st day of May!

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The Ultimate Bath Time: HiRuna Island Soaps Unboxing

The Ultimate Bath Time: HiRuna Island Soaps Unboxing

Hello, beauties! I wanted to come really quick to share some goodies I got from one of my fav natural brands, HiRuna Island Soaps! They are starting their very own monthly box which will have you set for the month with bath time bliss goodness. The box will have one bar of soap, 2 bath bombs, and foaming sugar scrub. Each product is awesome in its own right but together will make you feel like you bathed in Beyoncé’s tears. I will share the tea on these goodies in the Ultimate Bath Time: HiRuna Island Soaps Unboxing!


I love soaps that are good for your skin. I have always been really big on my bath time as it’s my way of finding my Zen and release. Frangipani soap meets and exceeds the goal of washing away the day. It surprisingly produces a rich later that is lightly scented and didn’t dry my already dry skin out more. Travelling in the North East for work lately, has my skin looking like orphan Annie.


Bath Bombs

I received the Passion Fruit and Monkey Farts. I like Passion Fruit it has a nice smell but my bae is Monkey Farts. It makes me feel like I’m in some expensive perfume shop and all things wonderful are in store. Both bombs do a great thing to your water by making it super soft and leave a nice amount of bubbles. While I was on my Springfield, MA trip I brought these along and looked forward to my baths each night.

Foaming Sugar Scrub

This is one of their newer products. Hiruna Soaps truly outdid themselves with this one. I received the Mermaid Tails and after a killer week where I thought I was going to punch a client, this was the highlight on a snowed in Friday night. The formula is thick and not watery but once it hits wet skin it melts and removes all my rough skin. This snow and cold weather isn’t friendly to my skin. After my bath, I couldn’t stop feeling my skin. It helped my homemade body butter soak in really well.

I only share products on my site that are truly dope. The Hiruna Box’s will launch soon so go and subscribe to their site HiRuna Island Soaps so you can be one of the 1st to be in the know.