Well Moisturized and Fabulous: Fall Must Favorites


The fall air makes me feel all tingly inside. Aside from fall allergies, this is the best season of the year. With the weather changes, your beauty needs will change a bit as well. I wanted to share my must have’s for the Fall months. Don’t neglect your body just because it’s a little colder. You don’t want to have to do a major overhaul once Spring comes back around.    My beauty favs come on all price points as beauty and pampering should be for everyone.

Drop me some comments below about your fav beauty products for fall. Life is better when you’re well moisturized and fabulous!

Products mentioned:


Maybelline X Makeup By Shayla Palette

Smashbox Ablaze Palette 

Black Opal Foundation Stick

Black Opal Ultra Matte Powder

Black Opal Total Coverage Concealer

Black Opal Total Coverage Foundation

Skincare/Body Care

Aveeno Clear Complexion Cream Cleanser

Minimo Flawless Acne-Fighting Charcoal Scrub

Minimo  Perk Whipped Body Polish

Nubian Heritage Abyssinian Oil and Chai Seed Body Wash


Minino Divine Nutritive Daily Leave-In

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Wig Slayage: Fall Hair Colors

When a lady changes her hair things happen magically. So many times women hold on to outdated styles and colors as it’s who they have been. I love the season changes as a great excuse for me to try new colors and cuts. Now I’m #teamnatural so I will always go to the aid from a wig which is great for me who travels all over the US  and no one has time for all those products.

So I am pulling my fav looks for this fall. I adore color and big hair and put those together and you have most dopeness mix.

Red Heads do it Better

I love me some red hair and have always been drawn to the sultriness of it. For fall, Auburn shades will be a hot color.




Soul Sister




SZA Inspo




Honey, you can’t tell me ish


Black Owned Skincare: Fall Skincare with Minimo Beauty

black woman in minimo facial scrub gazing happily

The fall season always makes me want to start looking at my skin care even closer in order to prepare my skin for the harsh winter months ahead. Most skin care is prevention in order to keep it looking its best. In August I got a sample of a product that was amazing to me instantly. I am picky about my skin care products as well I’m bougie and like the best for myself.

Minimo is a natural skincare and body line that was created by the wonderful people who created KeraVeda. I love that they are black owned and operated and are made with really awesome ingredients. The story behind the brand really resonated with me as the desire to have a minimalist flow of products that are highly effective is key.

I was sent some amazing goodies from the line that I want to share. In this video, I will be doing a demo and review on each product. I will show how I mesh the products into my normal skin care regimen.  Go to their site myminimo.com to get your goodies.

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Apple Shaped Girls Need Love too: Body Positivity for Non Curvy Girl

Welcome to the greatest season of the year Fall!  I’m happy we are in a new month and my fav season is coming rapidly. As a black blogger and a plus size blogger, I notice a lot of things that aren’t equal in the sphere. I don’t have a big bootie and tiny waist. I don’t have type 3a hair natural curls and I’m not fair skinned. All these things could be a barrier I just see it as I’m just the greatest thing ever— not generic. I wanted to share my thoughts for those who may be like me who have thicker waistlines, broad shoulders, no bootie or tiny booties. Your worth is not wrapped into your body. Read more

Bougie Beauty: Valmont Clarifying Set

Good morning beauties. Coming to you guys with a quick skin care try out. The great people at rescue spa sent me some amazing goodies. Being the skincare lover that I am, I could not wait to try. I tried out the Valmont Clarifying Set. This set is supposed to be for making the skin more aluminous and vibrant. What girl doesn’t want to go from within.

So, this picture this is why I have to wash my face and using the product for the first time. So being in the skincare beauty blogger game, you really have to be extremely confident as you aren’t using any filters you’re showing people the skin that you’re in naturally. If I do say so myself my skin is pretty clear and just have some marks on them from past acne. I like that my skin is not perfect yet still extremely perfect.



Now in the set of photos, after four weeks of integrating this product in my skincare regimen, these are the results. My skin looks a bit brighter a bit clearer and definitely I’m glowing. Now I will stay with this product you definitely need to boost your moisturizing products, asked because the products are doing a lot of exfoliation in your skin will then be renewed but you have to make sure you baby that fresh skin. When you get a facial peel a lot of times the damage will come back and sometimes even worse because one is not doing safeguarding what makes you moisture almost riser or potent it I’m using SPF and just insuring that the skin remains protected because it is fresh skin. Is not having a newborn when you have a newborn baby, you take care of it and you keep it away from things that will be damaging to it. This will be the same thing that she would do what your skin.

If you went you’re set about my clarifying products, make sure to go to the RescueSpa.net and get yours. Now I will say these products are definitely in the luxury price range as a full-size product ranges between you believe 300 to 400 bucks. Are they worth the splurge, I would say if you can afford it go for it.