The Ultimate Treat Yo Self Guide: Self Love is the Best

Cory Plus Size Sweater Dress

February is sniffing at my dress and I am in a flow of life and love. I wanted to embrace this month of self-love with Black History and Valentine’s day! I look at self-love as one of the most precious and highest levels of love. We often don’t and mascaraed as though we do.

I have been aggressive on my healthy weight loss journey so far and I have made a point to enjoy my journey this time around. Instead of waiting until I get to the end to reward myself I am doing it along the way.


I have really been trying to take advantage of moving. I am an avid watcher of the show “My 600lb Life” On TLC. It really resonates with me because at one point in my life I was tipping the scale at 350+lbs. I was so ashamed of myself and wouldn’t look at the scale.

Now after losing 100lbs before and now working on going for the goal again and more, I know the stories that most share.

. Don’t hold yourself back my loves by holding on to things that are expired! If you wouldn’t drink expired milk then don’t keep holding on to that expired narrative.

I have been on the road a lot so I have been getting creative with my workouts and make sure I plan than like any other appointment. I have been using a lot of different apps to help me keep my body as healthy as possible. My favorite fitness apps are Nike Training and Simply Yoga. These help me to not have any excuses for not getting a workout in. If it’s important to you, you will make the time.

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Black and Proud: How to rock African print in your life

African print skirt on plus size black woman


We are in the deep of Black History Month. For many years I tried to minimize my blackness in corporate America like many others. However, my heart was not happy. I wanted to fully express myself and it not be perceived as me being outrageous. As I got older and figured out that folks will be uncomfortable with my presence no matter what I do, I just said f it and morphed into my full self.

So I went digging in my closet and stumbled upon my African printed skirts. I often travel in parts of the US that aren’t welcoming to people of color. In 2018 we will not live in fear anymore so I wanted to incorporate my prints into my work day. I love things that are colorful and intricate.  Hiding behind what others may think of you is a life that isn’t being lived fully. I wear my kinky hair and melanin with pride. Fun fact, the night before shooting these looks I wanted to give myself an edge up, yea that ended with me doing a complete baldie look. I think I look damn good if I say so my self.

Button down- Rock the green

Here I paired my lovely skirt with a button down. It allows me to have a nice elegant feel that is black opulence. I got many stares and some even felt ok enough to ask about it. I look at each opportunity I move boldly as a teaching opportunity. If you’re not around other types of people you often are unaware.

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Total Adoration: Love Letter to the Black Woman

elements of aliel arise black soap and coffee scrub

February is the month of black history and love. Many will be swept off their feet for Valentine’s Day. As a black woman who hasn’t dated anyone in her adult life, I often feel so left out of the love. Me as a black woman I never understood this notion of my power until recent years. As I continue to evolve I am able to see the beauty in me. Self-love is a powerful force that is truly rare and the most liberating feeling in the world because if you set your tempo then you are able to flourish.

For every woman out there but especially my black women who may have battled so much in your life. We battle the appropriation of our essence by others who desire to appear cool but aren’t. We are stripped of our power often in corporate settings because we desire to scale the ladder. The stigma of being Superwoman to a world that doesn’t love us. As I reflect on my life, I know this one thing that if I focus on love it will grow. If I focus on my strength and power it will blossom.

Often left out of the mainstream mix of faux depth and positivity, I wrote this love letter to myself. Instead of wallowing in self-pity and repeating the negative recording I wanted to push out something that was different yet me. I am not one of those peppy types nor am I into the faux images of greatness. My version of beauty is like that of a dark roast coffee. It’s robust and pungent. Once it takes effect it can have you seeing the world from a higher level.Elements of Aliel arise and love cleanser Read more

Skincare fit for a African Queen: Black-Owned Beauty

minimo natural skincare products

February is Black History Month and Valentine’s Day is on our heels.  In the energy of self-love and nothing but total adoration for black women, let’s have a deeper spa night.  As a black woman and even as a black beauty blogger, I am always excited when I see women who create lines that look like me. I know so many people went crazy over RiRi’s Fenty Beauty as it represented whole 40 shades that gave women of color the opportunity to flourish. I haven’t really had the chance to embark on that line much but it got me to thinking about other black-owned or black-focused beauty brands.

My love for all things beauty from color to fragrance and especially skincare is strong. I don’t subscribe totally to the notion that “Black don’t crack” as we still have to take adequate care of our skin. We live in a world that is constantly moving and we are often going through so many phases. By ensuring your skincare game is solid, you can definitely slow down the aging process keeping your skin impeccable.

Black-owned skincare

I was provided some products from Elements of Aliel and it was a pure joy to work with them. I love testing out new products from indie brands because their focus is filling a great need in the market. Bigger brands are great and I definitely use some, but I have always felt the smaller brands kill it as the level of quality is richer because they actually can make changes easier.

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Booty to the Sky: Lower Body Workouts at Home

Booty to the Sky: Lower Body Workouts you can do at home

So in 2018, we will not have saggy booties. That is so like last year. I know a lot of excuses about working out are “Well I don’t want anyone to see me” or ” I don’t have time “or “I don’t have money for a gym membership”. Honey, if you don’t want to be your best self just own that ish. Just say Christian look all that be great and be fabulous ain’t for me. It would be more confident than all the other excuses.

So in this video, I’m sharing some of my fav lower body moves. I use these moves pretty frequently as I  was making excuses for not working out because sometimes I’m in poor areas of the country for my job and therefore there is no gym or the hotel gym is very limited. If you want it then all the possibilities will come out. If you don’t well every option to not will appear.

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Booty to the Sky