Fitness can be Sexy with SheFit Ultimate Sports Bra

plus size woman in SheFit Ultimate Sports Bra

I need to make a confession, fitness has been the last thing on my mind lately. 2018 hasn’t been the most kind but the greatest thing is as long as your living you can start over. Now that we are in June, there are 6 months to wrap up the year. I am going to make my best effort to get my health goals for the year. When I workout I love to look amazing no matter what size I am. My SheFit Ultimate Sports Bra helps me to be cute and protected.

SheFit Ultimate Sports Bra makes those of us who need more support for the twins to look amazing. They offer a wide size and color assortment. No one wants to wear boring active wear no matter what your size. As a chick who definitely lives life on the badass side, they give me what I need as each bra can be customized to my needs.

plus size woman in SheFit Ultimate Sports Bra

Some days the twins need a bit more lift and other days I need to be able to give myself more room.

Your fitness and healthy life journey is something that may stop and start many times depending on your life. I know there are people in the world who have this beautiful thing called discipline no matter what life throws at them. Instead of beating yourself up if you fall off, give yourself some grace. Grace has helped me this year in more ways than one especially in regards to getting into a fitness routine.


plus size woman in SheFit Ultimate Sports Bra


While staying in Boston, I hit the gym and worked out the area I tend to shy away from, arms. I know the benefits of having a strong upper body goes beyond to just looking cute. A strong upper body can help you with lower back pain and help you move more fluidly.

plus size woman in SheFit Ultimate Sports Bra

Get yours at and tag me in your pics on Instagram. I love seeing women being strong and healthy while looking amazing.

Fire Summer Work Wear: How to Look Pulled Together in the Heat!

Summer months especially here in Texas mean my maxi dress game is going strong. 102-degree temps which means you feel like your actively dying and melting. Working as a consultant means I have to stay fire and presentable at all times.  A potential client who is entrusting me with their budget doesn’t care that the weather is unnatural, they will still judge you accordingly. Many people allow the heat to make their wardrobe to start becoming a bit more taboo.

I don’t want this to happen to you so I am sharing my fav ways of being summertime fine in the office.  The trick to having a boss summer wardrobe is layers. Layers allow you to have a quick escape from the pits of heat. Back when I was in college I had an old Ford Focus that if I put the air on, it would potentially shut the car off. So I would often wear camisoles and nice dresses with cardigans so that while in the office I looked stellar but as soon as I got away from the office I could easily take it off. It got hot one day to the point I had to snatch my wig but I was long gone from the office.

Your summer work wear arsenal should be made of nice cardigans, well-made dresses, skirts, and pants. You can add well-crafted sandals in a colorful or metallic material. The worst thing in the world is 1 ply tissue paper thin dresses or sandals that flop around the office, which isn’t cute honey. I love to pick up items that can get worn all year which means by adding a few items here and there won’t break the bank.

Now on to the looks…

Stripes in the Boardroom

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Classic Modern Style with Talbots!

Black woman wearing Talbots Audrey Top in Black

Are you really living your most festive life? As I have focused on evolving my life in 2018, I have worked hard at doing it in all areas. Fashion will always be an area that should change. If you are still rocking items that don’t really serve you well then you can change that. I’m so passionate about helping you’re live well master your fashion. My ultimate goal is to look like money and have an effortless classic modern style. The feelings of impeccably curated items that are tailored to my unique body, as I am over the trend of looking the same. As a woman, I crave for the freshness of sophistication.

If you are holding on to outfits, attitudes, and beliefs that don’t make you look the greatest then it’s time. Change is hard. However, remaining stagnant no matter what the cost of changes is harder. I can write a book on remaining stagnant out of the fear of the work. It’s awesome when you start something new and see the changes. It’s like this, if you’re wearing a weave that is a year old and take it, you know you will have some major issues. Same goes for holding on to things including bad fashion.

When Talbots reached out to me, I was so giddy and may have shed a few thug tears.  Now many may think Talbots is an older lady outfitter. I went a few months ago and was amazed at the quality pieces. As a plus size woman, I believe in having great pieces as I need more support. Material and cut quality can make or break an outfit for anyone but especially for the plus size lady. Working in corporate and also developing my consulting firm, the need for great investment pieces is essential.

When I invest in myself it’s the most enriching feeling in the world. All your goals and festive living are just outside of comfort. And I want to tell you a secret, you ready? Nothing you do is guaranteed except if you don’t do anything. So if you want to get healthy or start a new job, if you don’t do anything you’re guaranteed of what will occur. So enough chatter here’s the look!

The Fashion

The moment I laid eyes on these pieces I was an oddly drawn to them. I am not someone who typically rocks a lot of denim but as of late have been on a cute jeans quest.  I like my jeans either skinny or wide leg., nothing in-between. You have to know your body well to know what works and what doesn’t. I also have been on a clothing construction kick, so learning about the different cuts have been very helpful. I have a long torso and short legs so high rise pants are my friend.


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Spring Fresh: How to get the that face in 20 minutes

The birds are chirping outside my window on this bright glorious morning. I have a meeting with a potential client for my consulting firm later this afternoon. As I do some daily self- reflection I notice I feel uninspired. As someone who is constantly burning both ends of the candle, I run the risk of burnout quite often. This is the plight of many women out there especially those who are aspiring entrepreneurs or those who are on their corporate ladder grind.

Makeup is often seen as a luxe item or optional item, however,  I beg to differ. What you invest in, will produce results. I invest in my appearance and personal development in return, I have grown by leaps and bounds. You don’t have to be rich to look it. To advance in life how you package yourself matters.  As a black woman, it’s easy to put on this mule mentality where you don’t take the proper time to care for your own needs. Being someone who is transitioning from that mentality, it hasn’t been easy but I know I’m worth the time.  If you plan what is important to you, you will see results. If you want to see a better you this is the perfect time to start investing.

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Spring Revamp Fashion: How to refresh your closet on a Budget!

Bright prints and florals will always be the spring fashion staples. I adore wearing bold colors as my skin looks amazing in them. Now some parts of the country are stilling getting this white stuff that falls from the sky, but being in Texas we are enjoying wonderful cardigan weather. I’m always on the web looking for fashion inspo for the office. I got a lot from this article from ThredUp.  Working in corporate doesn’t have to be boring nor complicated. I don’t allow myself to be boxed in by what people think is plus fashion, I always will push the envelope and try new things.

Wardrobe Temperature Check

As I looked through my closet, I began to start taking into account what fits me well and what must go.

. I also took into account my weight loss. As my weight decreases, I want to make sure my favorite items still add to my image.  It’s nothing worse than a nice garment that doesn’t positively contribute to your life. It’s like a boy who well isn’t great.

Now that I know what’s in my closet, I created a list of pieces I really wanted to try this season. I really adore bright, hyper-feminine items. It’s something that feels bad ass when I wear things that people don’t believe should be done by a plus chick or professional. As a woman in these corporate streets, many believe you have to wear boring drab fashion. As long as I am alive, I will fight that with dope fashion.

Updating your wardrobe doesn’t have to break the bank. I first hit my local thrift stores to see what they have that can hit my goals. I also hit one my favorite site, Thredup an online thrift store that has amazing brands and up to 70% off retail. We can always use extra coins in her purse lol.

The Results

Outfit 1- Walking on Sunshine

I picked this bright yellow Eloquii skirt from ThredUp that instantly felt like a sunny day. Wear pieces that make you happy, your mood and bounce will change. I am a big supporter of rocking whatever the hell you want. Bozma St. John defines what a woman should wear to the office. Own your power ladies and rock out. I paired it with my other love, stripes. The nautical vibe screams wealth and lavish in my book.

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