How to look like a complete snack for the holidays with Catherines!

Do you want to look like a complete snack for the holidays? I teamed up with Catherines and want to show you how to make you look yummy this Christmas season! Most people sleep on Catherines and I will be honest I use to as well. I would only go there if I  needed to get my nylons or girdles as I find them much better than other plus size stores. After spending some time with them I have changed my tune. I got all these items for 50 or less per item which is even more amazing. Head over to their site now to get your favorite items.

Causal Office Party/Brunch

So this cute Black Label Aster Ponte Peplum Top paired with jeans will be an easy thing to throw on for those last minute brunches or office parties. I love the faux leather detail on this shirt which adds a bit of edge. The shirt is great if you have a little tummy and want to wear a skinny jeans or pencil skirt. Top it off with a nice statement necklace and now you look like your just fabulous with trying.

Catherines Black Label Aster Ponte Peplum Top

Catherines Black Label Aster Ponte Peplum Top

Edgy for Dinner

This is amazing Curvy Collection Skirt With Ponte has it all edge with a bit of stretch for when you have that extra slice of pecan pie on my behalf. This skirt is made with a great stretch so you can look extra nice if you’re more blessed in the booty area. I paired this with a dramatic shirt something that matched my personality. This can be dressed up or down very easily. I’m going to take this along with me on my next business trip and pair it with a nice button down. Make your wardrobe work for you. I also love the little double split detail on the back allowing the legs some room.

Catherines Curvy Collection Skirt With Ponte


Snatch your Friend’s Daddy

So this AnyWear Dramatic Twist Dress was by far my favorite piece. I love that it’s floor length and long sleeved. Perfect to pair with a fur coat to look fab. This dress will be the daddy snatcher for this holiday season. I like that it front crossover detail which allows me to adjust the amount frisky I want to show.  Adding a nice necklace and even some nice bracelets will take this dress up higher. If your a bit self-aware a nice piece of shapewear will make everything perfectly flowy.

Catherines AnyWear Dramatic Twist Dress

Catherines AnyWear Dramatic Twist Dress



I hope this gives you some inspiration to look fabulous this season. I hope that you all enjoy this season in the way you want it to be. I normally don’t celebrate this season but with these looks, I may actually partake in a bit of a holiday twerk! Happy holidays and thank you Catherines for this opportunity!

Thrift Store Chronicles: Create a dope Fall look

We are in my favorite month of the year: November.It’s my birthday month so I’m going to share with you something that I am also passionate about which is thrifting. Thrifting has been a way of life for many years because of weight loss.When you’re losing 10,15 20, or 100 pounds no one has time for trying to stay up with the latest fashion trends while paying retail prices.Thrifting allows me to find quality brands and still be fabulous while I was in transition.Now that I am starting to gain traction and my weight loss journey again and because I just don’t believe in paying high ass prices,  I’m going to show you how to create dope looks while thrifting.

Create a plan for thrifting

So don’t go blindly drifting because you end up finding pieces that are double but won’t be able to be integrated into your wardrobe.I always like to go through my current wardrobe for the season coming up and then from there and look and see what do you not already have that will meet the goals that you want to be fourth is next season.After that, I think to create a list of the items that I need in order to create the looks I want to go for in the next season.

As I reshape my style, I stumbled upon a dope stylist, Lauren Messiah. She has a great printable with all the must haves for a classic wardrobe.  Check it out at

Be adventurous

When things are 2 and 3  dollars I find myself being a lot more adventurous in trying different things. I’m also not huge label snob comes to brands I know a lot of ladies out there are very brand picky.   You can really find some great looks if you keep focused on the item at hand versus the tag that’s inside the garment.

attractive black woman in black shirt and plaid skirt

Have patience

Trying to find really great pieces that fit your body very well can take time.Sometimes I can go up to a week or two and find the right pieces that fit me well.It doesn’t matter if I don’t cost you two dollars or $200 dollars if the item does not make you look fabulous it is a worthless item. I always keep my eyes peeled for those unique fines which are definitely in amazing but what I’m really searching for core items you have to be very picky about what you’re picking up no matter where you buy it.


Go to areas that aren’t high traffic

I tend to go to places that are kind of off beaten track.When you go to highly known thrift stores in highly sought after areas the prices are a lot higher and the availability of items are more scarce. When I travel to little towns I find some of the greatest pieces because most people aren’t checking for Madison Ohio which is in the middle of nowhere Ohio. The price is a lot cheaper and you really are able to dig to find some really amazing pieces.

Plus Size Fall Professional Fashion

It’s a wonderful time to break out more layers and make the best time of the year be great. Your wardrobe for the fall doesn’t have to cost an arm and leg.I adore going to thrift stores ] in the summer in order to find the cute nice pieces for my fall wardrobe update.The best time to start looking for fall or for the next season is the start towards the end of the season you’re in. To find dope pieces I tend to go when most people are doing their season wardrobe overhaul. This means I can get some amazing pieces and be prepared for another next season. I enjoy having a lot to chose from when shopping. I got the best thrift coat in the middle of July.

These 3 looks I curated, are all from my love of thrifting while I travel. Being in small towns I often am able to pick up nice pieces because well small town folks don’t always have fashion.

Look 1 Plaid Passion

I pulled this look straight of the rack, the thrift store racks! I got both items recently while traveling in backwoods Ohio. Sometimes the kids don’t know what treasure they have. I love plaids and old school blouses. The blouse has a nice bow tie detail and puffy shoulders. The plaid is a bit different as such a different mixture of colors. I think this is one of my fav looks. attractive black woman in black shirt and plaid skirt

attractive black woman in black shirt and plaid skirt



Look 2 Polka Dots Make me Happy

I love dresses if you can’t tell from my last post. I feel so hyper-femme in them. I will tell you a secret, growing up I was and still am a tomboy. I never wore dressed growing up as pants were the only thing I felt comfortable in. Now I can’t get enough. I wear this dress often in the winter as its long sleeve and it has pockets. It’s a New York and Co dress that I picked up from one of my fav places, Goodwill. When you see a 2.99 dress I mean come on.  black woman in new york and co polka dot dress plus size

Look 3 Military and Navy

I love green and its many shades. For fall I enjoy mixing it up a bit.I picked this polka dot skirt up recently and thought it can be mixed into the fall rotation. Hunter green will be a hot color this fall and super melanin friendly!

black woman in olive shirt and navy skir

What a Plus Size Chick Can Do: Quick Workout

plus size black woman lateral raise

Hello, beauties! Fitness will always be an important factor of being a phenomenal woman. It’s not all about being snatched or skinny but working out helps you to think better, have better control over your life and ultimately lead your best life possible. Many of the images circling around fitness are very unproductive. As a black woman, I am told I must have a fat ass, flat tummy, and thick thighs but not too much in order to be accepted into the mainstream black beauty definition. Being someone who has always bounced to her own beat, this never appealed to me especially as I grow older. In my youth, I did believe that notion and did so many things to be able to get slim-thick. I look back at the younger me and want to sit her down and child you have lost your damn mind. You are wonderful and awesome right now.

Weight loss has been a rollercoaster ride for me for the last few years. However, 2017 has been one of the best years for me in the fitness area not because of major weight loss but the way I view my body. I can look at myself and say I love my body. I have never been able to do that and be truthful. Now there are some things I wish were different but if I never lost another pound, I would still rock the hell out of my body.

In this latest installment which is sponsored by Rainbeau Curves, I will show you some easy workouts that you could do at home or at a small gym to help you reach your healthy life journey goals. Rainbeau Curves is a premier plus athletic-leisure line that comes in adorable fierce prints and provides dynamic support. No one wants to worry about spilling out or mooning people while doing burpees.

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Apple Shaped Girls Need Love too: Body Positivity for Non Curvy Girl

Welcome to the greatest season of the year Fall!  I’m happy we are in a new month and my fav season is coming rapidly. As a black blogger and a plus size blogger, I notice a lot of things that aren’t equal in the sphere. I don’t have a big bootie and tiny waist. I don’t have type 3a hair natural curls and I’m not fair skinned. All these things could be a barrier I just see it as I’m just the greatest thing ever— not generic. I wanted to share my thoughts for those who may be like me who have thicker waistlines, broad shoulders, no bootie or tiny booties. Your worth is not wrapped into your body. Read more