Plus and Fitness: Best fitness advice for plus size fitness

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Fitness will always be bae as it has helped me to become a greater person. Now losing weight is cool but for me over the past few months, it has allowed me to regain perspective and trust within myself. Here are my top 5 best fitness advice for plus or not.

5. People are watching but not in the way you think!

I have had many people stop me while I’m working out to compliment my gusto. Now I find it remarkable that people see me and then stop me as I’m not a friendly type. But the notion of keep showing up and do good work is very important. You do your thing and taking care of your health can inspire others to do the same. I didn’t grow up well but seeing those who beast it or eat in a way that helps them flourish excites. I pair those who care for themselves with those who live a healthy lifestyle. Read more

Plus and Fit: 3 Things you must know to have a Healthy Fitness Journey!


Hello Beauties! Fitness is my first love before beauty and fashion. I’m a brand ambassador for Rainbeau Curves one of the best plus athletic leisure wear. In this video, I’m sharing 3 top tips to help you no matter where you are in your healthy life
 journey! I love my Rainbeau Curves  Reese Compression Capri’s I’m rocking in this video. They hold you in so well which makes workout a breeze and their cute so it’s a win win! Go get yours now as they won’t last.


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We Love Summer Fitness Fashion: Plus-Size Fitness Gear Roundup

black woman smiling in athletic workout gear holding weight


I will never abandon the #fitlife while it’s nice and sunny out. Summer fitness gear is my fav thing as I can look naked in the spirit of working out. I’m going to share with you, my go-to outfits for workout out with. I don’t believe your size should ever dictate what you wear. I feel so comfortable in my skin that wearing something with no back or cutouts just makes me happy.

Look 1- Don’t be scared of color

Color makes me happy and I fell madly in love with these tights after buying them on a whim. I didn’t feel  Old Navy would be able to cover my thick self, yet they have come through beautifully. I really love the high waist compression Capri’s as they keep me secure while moving. I am a die heart lover of positive words on my gear too.  Getting them both on clearance made an even bigger splash as well.

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Summer Healthy and Fun


Summer is looking at us like hey boo! Many people go left once the vacations and cook outs start. Your healthy journey is a lifetime journey. Don’t forgo having summer fun but also make sure you keep yourself balanced. In this quick video I share some tips to help you stay healthy as the summer heat turns up. Love your body and you will do whatever you need to do in order to ensure it’s best condition.


Squats not Shots: Proper Squat Technique

I wasn’t gifted with one of those big booties Judy’s so many have been blessed with. So many girls out there think having a booty will be the answer to all their problems. I for one use to think that way as well until I got into my healthy lifestyle. Health is the best assets you can have, and if you invest in yourself you will not need to do any dangerous foolishness like ass shots. Your beauty and worth doesn’t come from what’s all up in those jeans.

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