Booty to the Sky: Lower Body Workouts at Home

Booty to the Sky: Lower Body Workouts you can do at home

So in 2018, we will not have saggy booties. That is so like last year. I know a lot of excuses about working out are “Well I don’t want anyone to see me” or ” I don’t have time “or “I don’t have money for a gym membership”. Honey, if you don’t want to be your best self just own that ish. Just say Christian look all that be great and be fabulous ain’t for me. It would be more confident than all the other excuses.

So in this video, I’m sharing some of my fav lower body moves. I use these moves pretty frequently as I  was making excuses for not working out because sometimes I’m in poor areas of the country for my job and therefore there is no gym or the hotel gym is very limited. If you want it then all the possibilities will come out. If you don’t well every option to not will appear.

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Booty to the Sky

Your Year or Nah? How to make 2018 your best year

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We are in this 2018 thing for real! I hope you celebrated with lots of champagne! Don’t let yourself get complacent in your goals. Be it fitness to career or finding a hot red head who is about 6’3 with broad shoulders and a big smile. Your goals are a sum of your actions. Every thought you have produces the action and those consistent actions will make your goal happen.

In my life, I have done some major things. I lost 100lbs naturally by way of working out and eating healthy. This took me about a year and granted I regained some due to a lot of life things, I still was able to do it. At first, I did it because like many Resolutioners I was going to lose weight. Instead of falling off like many, I kept going and reached my goal. Reaching such a huge goal provided me motivation to change things in other areas of my life.

I focused on changing one thing only. So I really enjoyed working out which was surprising as I wasn’t athletic at all in my life. Actually, fitness was a means I was shunned when I was younger so the negative attachment made it hard for a while. But I noticed I could really push myself and I really enjoyed trying new things. So for my first change, I increased my workouts from 3 days to 4 and it finally goes to where I went to the gym every day I worked. Once that change became automatic, I moved to the next.

Goals without measurable milestones won’t last. I made a chart with goal weights and dates I wanted to hit them. This allowed me to track my success and see where I could improve if I wasn’t hitting it on the timetable. Now with anything especially weight loss, you have to have a solid plan but don’t beat yourself if you don’t hit everything every time. Those milestones help to keep you motivated yet also the challenges help you to pivot. I also attached to each milestone a prize. From getting a heart rate monitor, new shoes or a new wig lol. Whatever I could afford I did it.

The journey to reaching your goals can be a long one. But each curve helps you to be able to dig a bit deeper and use your problem-solving skills. This year I’m re-embarking on the path of losing 100lbs. My end goal will be to be a solid 190lbs by year end. I will be making quarterly updates so make sure you are subscribed to the blog. I will share the good and the bad, the hits and misses.

As you develop your goals keep these 2 things in mind. First, make sure you follow a SMART goal process. By doing this will ensure you don’t make vague wishes. For example, saying things like I will lose weight vs saying I will lose 20lbs by 4/30/2018. The 1st one is super vague and is easy to get out of it. However, the latter gives you distinct marching orders. To go a step further you can create smaller action moves in order to reach the overall goal.

Another major area to remember is to ensure your goals are a reflection of you. We often times adopt others goals because it sounds cute. However, if your goals aren’t made for you it’s easy to quit and doesn’t flatter you. So let’s say you want to lose weight because you want to get more men. So this on the surface sounds ok, but if we dive deeper it actually isn’t. Your goals should help you evolve and be the best version of you.

Check out my video where I give you more in-depth tips on how to live your best life and hit all your goals.

Let’s make 2018  be remarkable!


Your Year or Nah? 

The Real Tea on Weight Loss Journeys: How to overcome weight gain!

As I prepare to mentally move from 2017 into 2018, I have begun a deep reflection on the year. The great and the learning opportunities. There was nothing bad as anything that didn’t go as plan allowed me a great opportunity, a detour and life lessons. I started the year in a very not so great place and I look at myself today and say wow look at what a year of actually doing the work has created. I’m not exactly where I want to be or even able to do the #goal type of post, but I believe I have come far greater than that.

If you have been following me for any length of time, you know this blog started due to my weight loss journey of losing 100lbs. I have battled weight for my entire life. I remember thinking that once I lost weight I would then get this link to actually start living. I felt that this goal weight of 150 would provide me the keys to having a wonderful life filled with men who wanted to properly pursue me, job opportunities and unlimited brunch invites from the IT girls of Dallas.

Fast forward to 2016, I went through what I like to call Hell on a Plane. I had started a new job of travel and wasn’t adjusting at all to the opportunity. I allowed my weight loss to just go out the window as well. All I could do was survive and push to get through the year. Looking at past pictures, I began to really get down on myself. However, this year I have had the opportunity to really work on myself and allow myself grace.

A few weeks ago, in the best month of the year, I was taken aback at having to be patient and wait to board the plane because a man had to be wheelchaired. I was eager to get myself settled into my 1st class seat, and Lysol that baby down. But it took 5 minutes of wheeling this gentleman and then him after several failed attempts to get up and walk to his seat. I was humbled by the experience as I am able bodied and can get up and move. Hell if I needed to run to catch my 2nd leg of my flight through Charlotte’s big ass airport I have.

This brought me to a distinct place of gratitude. I can move, I can squat, crawl, run, twerk a bit on the Stairmaster. I can do all these things without the assistance of another soul. I can take a bath at 3 am without needing to call Life-Alert.

So in true beast form, I am always looking for fitness motivation. I adore so many for taking hold of their lives and making them into something greater. It doesn’t matter where you started in life, you are 100% responsible now. I could blame a bad childhood riddled with depression, abuse, and poverty but then I would be giving someone my power and I’m not about that life.

In this video, I’m doing my version of Jeannette Jenkins workouts. I picked my top 4 moves and it gave me so much joy to do them. Again yes I have rolls, and yes I have a belly and yes I’m not anywhere near 150lbs hell, not even 200lbs. But I have the opportunity to start again, however this time I’m in a frame of mind that says hey I love me and want the best quality of life possible. That means I work out, limit the junk and ensure I get proper self-care.


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Dress your Way into a Better Life: Plus Size Fashion Staples

plus size pencil skirt lane bryant


2018 is texting me that she is around the corner and she is like hey girl you need to be cute too! Over the last few months, I have been on a hyperdrive of transformation. I started earlier in the year with my heart and mind by seeing a therapist who if she was a movie she would be my favorite part. The next phase of my transformation has been my wardrobe. I kept items because well I felt having a lot meant I was good. It’s quite the opposite. I know that since I want to spur my career in a new way by going after more advanced roles and also launching my speaking pursuits, I needed everything in my closet to fit my current body well and make me feel amazing. No more needing 50-11 Spanks or feeling bad because I had a donut 2 months ago.

Your wardrobe truly reflects your style and voice. Many times, however, people don’t have their own voice. So what happens is they buy a lot of crap that is trendy and it never sees the light of day. Or some people feel fashion is BS and it’s vain—I use to think that way as well when I was super warped in religion. Fashion throughout the years has evolved but there are some things that are classics.

There are a few key pieces that I believe no matter your size or budget you need to have. Spend for your coins and budget. If you have it invest as it will help you not have to re-buy so frequently and can hold up.

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The top 5 things I have learned at 32

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So with every passing year, I have gained insight and understanding about this life. It’s not always perfectly coifed like so many images out there but it’s mine. As November comes to a close, I felt it would be benefitting to share what I have learned with the world. I hope this helps, inspires, and intrigues you to reflect on your own life. Share your thoughts in the comments.

Top 5 things I learned at 32

  1. Until you fully understand, you will continue to go through the lesson
  2. Your body deserves the best treatment you can afford
  3. Love is a not forever
  4. Enjoy being alone and being with others
  5. Depression isn’t who you are

This was probably the hardest post I have ever written as it shows the areas I work so hard at concealing. In a world that is perfect filters and highlights, the desire to be fully authentic is very pressing. To sit before yourself and learn about you is not an easy thing to do. We do many things to distract ourselves from chasing after dreams, fuck boys and scrolling on the gram. To working late hours, obsessing over your weight, hair, or marital status. None of those things really matter in the gram scheme of life.

Yes having nice cars, body and a lover is a great thing but your value and energy should be more focused on learning yourself and growing. We often become stagnant and use the following cop out to not change: It’s just who I am. A lot of that is utter BS. Now I’m black and a woman but aside from that when I want to give folks these hands to the person who cut me off or the guy who wouldn’t give me the time of day because I’m my not skinny and light-skinned, I have to stop and acknowledge my woman in bubble bath

We make choices daily that could make or break our lives dramatically. If for example, I got a hold of the person who cut me off I could beat their ass and go to the jail or could find out that the person is a 90-year-old who is trying to get to their grandkids’ recital. Everything that happens in life you have a choice on how you respond. Things may happen but you get to chose do I operate out of grace or entitlement.

At my age of 32, I have encountered a lot of heartaches, disappointment, and pain. However, I have allowed myself over the past year to heal. There comes a time when you just have to become serious about your life’s work. Do you want to be known for being volatile or a healer? Do you want to be known as the coulda, shoulda or woulda chick or the chick that get’s shit down in spite of circumstances?

I leave you this as my final Bday month thought: Be the light you desire to see in the world and b comfortable very comfortable being uncomfortable. Many of your life’s desires are just an inch outside of your safe bubble that actually is counterproductive to your life.