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Classic Modern Style with Talbots!

May 3, 2018
Black woman wearing Talbots Audrey Top in Black

Are you really living your most festive life? As I have focused on evolving my life in 2018, I have worked hard at doing it in all areas. Fashion will always be an area that should change. If you are still rocking items that don’t really serve you well then you can change that. I’m so passionate about helping you’re live well master your fashion. My ultimate goal is to look like money and have an effortless classic modern style. The feelings of impeccably curated items that are tailored to my unique body, as I am over the trend of looking the same. As a woman, I crave for the freshness of sophistication.

If you are holding on to outfits, attitudes, and beliefs that don’t make you look the greatest then it’s time. Change is hard. However, remaining stagnant no matter what the cost of changes is harder. I can write a book on remaining stagnant out of the fear of the work. It’s awesome when you start something new and see the changes. It’s like this, if you’re wearing a weave that is a year old and take it, you know you will have some major issues. Same goes for holding on to things including bad fashion.

When Talbots reached out to me, I was so giddy and may have shed a few thug tears.  Now many may think Talbots is an older lady outfitter. I went a few months ago and was amazed at the quality pieces. As a plus size woman, I believe in having great pieces as I need more support. Material and cut quality can make or break an outfit for anyone but especially for the plus size lady. Working in corporate and also developing my consulting firm, the need for great investment pieces is essential.

When I invest in myself it’s the most enriching feeling in the world. All your goals and festive living are just outside of comfort. And I want to tell you a secret, you ready? Nothing you do is guaranteed except if you don’t do anything. So if you want to get healthy or start a new job, if you don’t do anything you’re guaranteed of what will occur. So enough chatter here’s the look!

The Fashion

The moment I laid eyes on these pieces I was an oddly drawn to them. I am not someone who typically rocks a lot of denim but as of late have been on a cute jeans quest.  I like my jeans either skinny or wide leg., nothing in-between. You have to know your body well to know what works and what doesn’t. I also have been on a clothing construction kick, so learning about the different cuts have been very helpful. I have a long torso and short legs so high rise pants are my friend.


Black woman wearing Talbots Audrey Top in Black

The Audrey Tee and Tie Hem Denim Jegging Crop are the most adorable yet classy pair. I have a thing for elegance which the portrait collar of the blouse gives and the color in a deep Indigo Blue has such a rich elegance about it. I love that it has a very good weight to it yet didn’t make me feel hot. I have tried to make a very strong stand against fast fashion pieces as it just leaves me annoyed and disappointed. This shirt can be worn in a variety of ways which you will see in the next look.

The jeggings surprised me as I didn’t have to do a dance to get into them yet that hug me properly. I could have gone down a size as they are a bit big in the waist, the joys of being unicorn built. I love the tie detail at the bottom that adds to its feminine flair. These jeans also pushed me outside of my comfort levels as they are a light wash. I typically go for dark washes as they can be a bit more forgiving, but when you have a better quality of denim it makes a world of difference.





Tell me which item was your fav in the comments below. I want to thank Talbots for allowing me the opportunity to work with them and help make a small dream come true.

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