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Fitness can be Sexy with SheFit Ultimate Sports Bra

June 13, 2018
plus size woman in SheFit Ultimate Sports Bra

I need to make a confession, fitness has been the last thing on my mind lately. 2018 hasn’t been the most kind but the greatest thing is as long as your living you can start over. Now that we are in June, there are 6 months to wrap up the year. I am going to make my best effort to get my health goals for the year. When I workout I love to look amazing no matter what size I am. My SheFit Ultimate Sports Bra helps me to be cute and protected.

SheFit Ultimate Sports Bra makes those of us who need more support for the twins to look amazing. They offer a wide size and color assortment. No one wants to wear boring active wear no matter what your size. As a chick who definitely lives life on the badass side, they give me what I need as each bra can be customized to my needs.

plus size woman in SheFit Ultimate Sports Bra

Some days the twins need a bit more lift and other days I need to be able to give myself more room.

Your fitness and healthy life journey is something that may stop and start many times depending on your life. I know there are people in the world who have this beautiful thing called discipline no matter what life throws at them. Instead of beating yourself up if you fall off, give yourself some grace. Grace has helped me this year in more ways than one especially in regards to getting into a fitness routine.


plus size woman in SheFit Ultimate Sports Bra


While staying in Boston, I hit the gym and worked out the area I tend to shy away from, arms. I know the benefits of having a strong upper body goes beyond to just looking cute. A strong upper body can help you with lower back pain and help you move more fluidly.

plus size woman in SheFit Ultimate Sports Bra

Get yours at SheFit.com and tag me in your pics on Instagram. I love seeing women being strong and healthy while looking amazing.

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