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FORM Beauty Review: Twist Styling Cream & Multitask Leave In Conditioner

July 23, 2018
FORM Beauty Multitask and Twist

We are on the heels of 2018! I’m excited to share with you some products I was sent from the great folks at Form Beauty. They are a new brand that specializes in curly hair products. I love brands that truly have a diversity and inclusion focus. Growing up, I never saw people that looked like me in ads. It was always white, thin and straight hair. Fast forward to 2005, which I made the decision to go natural. All I saw was 3a-3c hair types with fair skin.

Even though the natural hair community has grown by leaps and bounds as more and more women learn to cherish their hair, I still find myself not represented well. I am a plus beauty/fitness blogger and it’s rare to see chubby faces in this space. That was the fuel I need to connect and partner with Form.

Here’s a bit more about the brand:

  1. Before you get product happy, especially for my product junkies, FORM Beauty provides a hair consultation. This helps to really get to the root of your hair care needs and personalize your products.
  2. Each product is made with key natural products to help your hair flourish and shine.
  3. The power behind the brand is focused on helping everyone woman have premium hair care experience that isn’t only for certain types.


I received 2 products the Twist Styling Cream and Multitask Leave in Conditioner. Both products were sent to me as I am a FORM Beauty Ambassador. They came at a weird time for me as that weekend I cut all my hair off. Now that I have a bit of hair, I have gotten the opportunity to test drive these babies.

Using the products I noticed they really don’t have a smell which is great and they don’t leave my hair sticky or crunchy.

FORM Beauty Twist and Multitask

I tend to wear my baby blonde fro out when I travel and on the weekends. I haven’t debuted it in corporate spaces yet as it’s a special thing to me. Not everyone gets the privilege to see the real me including my hair. So corporate folks get to see just what I desire for them to see. As I just don’t want an issue of -hands off the hair and have to break someone’s fingers.

Multitask- Leave in Conditioner

This is a nice moisturizing leave in conditioner. It’s greats a way to revive day old twist outs and add moisture. With my hair being so short yet hyper delicate as it’s blonde, I’m always seeking products that will add moisture to my hair. This product definitely made it nice and supple which means better results from styling products.

Twist Styling Cream

After making sure my hair is supple and moisturized, I followed up with this styling cream. I’m always wary of styling products as many seem great at first like Fboys, but just like F boys, they leave my hair a dry crunchy mess. But not with this styling cream. It added moisture again and also helped to define my little coils and curls. I loved rocking this over the weekend while running errands.


I really love products that do what they claim to do and are helpful to my plight of dry hair. I definitely highly recommend them and you can try them out for yourself. Click the link and you can save 10% on your order: FORM Beauty or use promo code: The Christian Simone!  I will be sharing my experience as time passes on more of FORM Beauty products.

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