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Fire Summer Work Wear: How to Look Pulled Together in the Heat!

May 16, 2018

Summer months especially here in Texas mean my maxi dress game is going strong. 102-degree temps which means you feel like your actively dying and melting. Working as a consultant means I have to stay fire and presentable at all times.  A potential client who is entrusting me with their budget doesn’t care that the weather is unnatural, they will still judge you accordingly. Many people allow the heat to make their wardrobe to start becoming a bit more taboo.

I don’t want this to happen to you so I am sharing my fav ways of being summertime fine in the office.  The trick to having a boss summer wardrobe is layers. Layers allow you to have a quick escape from the pits of heat. Back when I was in college I had an old Ford Focus that if I put the air on, it would potentially shut the car off. So I would often wear camisoles and nice dresses with cardigans so that while in the office I looked stellar but as soon as I got away from the office I could easily take it off. It got hot one day to the point I had to snatch my wig but I was long gone from the office.

Your summer work wear arsenal should be made of nice cardigans, well-made dresses, skirts, and pants. You can add well-crafted sandals in a colorful or metallic material. The worst thing in the world is 1 ply tissue paper thin dresses or sandals that flop around the office, which isn’t cute honey. I love to pick up items that can get worn all year which means by adding a few items here and there won’t break the bank.

Now on to the looks…

Stripes in the Boardroom

When I saw this wonderful striped blazer at the thrift store I may or may not have knocked someone out the way. For me being an apple shape chick, it’s not often that I find blazers that fit. I paired it with a simple cami and pencil skirt which gives me an easily together look. Summer shouldn’t stop corporate fashion ladies, you just have to pick items that are made of lighter material and brighter colors. In the winter I will pair this a bit differently. 8 bucks for a winning look.


Jumpers and Meetings

target mossimo navy plus size jumper

Me being left unattended at Target is always trouble. I found this little Mossimo jumper in clearance. Sometimes when I’m in backwoods areas, I clean up well because well they not on fashion like I am. I loved that the arm straps are thicker so my bra doesn’t show if I don’t want to wear a cardigan over it. It also has pockets so it made me excited. This jumper is made of cotton which makes it breathable and can be dressed up or down easily with various accessories and shoes.

Denin, Lace, and Happy Hours

plus size demin dress with lace sleeve

I picked this up at Target on clearance for 10.00! We all know the kid loves a good deal. I love that this dress is so lightweight and the sleeves. The sleeves make me happy along with the lace cutouts give this piece. This is an easy Friday Happy Hour or brunch dress.


Which look was your favorite? Drop them in the comments!

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