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Mid year Launch: How to Restart your 2018 goals!

June 20, 2018
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Somehow I went to sleep on 12/31/17 and woke up to June 1st. In reality, it felt like the 1st quarter of the year went by slow yet fast. It was hella uneventful in the areas I wanted. It’s easy to start to put your goals and dreams on the backburner as the warmer months are here. Most want to go out show off and have festive nights. However, for the woman out there who still wants 2018 to be their year, this is your wake call! There is still time to brush yourself off and knock your 2018 goals out the park.

On my podcast, The Christian Simone Show that is on iTunes and Google Play for my Android users, I discuss ways in which you can your career goals. It’s important in this life to not stop going after what is your true passion. The operative word is true as many people will adopt goals and ideas that aren’t from them.

June can be a very great time to reflect on your entire life and see if what your doing is helping you or hurting you. The process of self-reflection isn’t always fun or easy. Hell, you may have to look in the mirror to look at the person who is letting you down. You have to admit that you may have allowed fear, laziness or just lack of direction to hold you up. In life tho you have the ability to hit the reset button and start over.

Restart your 2018 Goals

1.Reflect on your goals

Are your goals of you or of others be it from social media, your Momma or what society deems as respectable?  Many times we may adopt goals because they look and sound cute. Saying oh yeah girl I’m going to start a business, you know I’m about that hustle life. It may sound awesome over mimosa’s at brunch but is it really you? You may even go as far as to start looking into buying websites, paying for designers, but if your not really about that life it’s ok. Figure out what you really want. Take time to really see it. For me, my ideal life is one where I provide coaching, training, and image consulting. I am able to devote time to my podcast and I make 7 figures in order to have accommodations I deserve. I have the freedom to live and be my full self.

Your goals can’t come to full fruitarian if you don’t even know what they look like. You have to visualize your life so that it can begin to manifest. Think of it this way, if you are wanting to go somewhere new you will need guidance and direction. It may sound real fluffy to think this way, as I’m hyper-real but shifting your mindset will help you see what isn’t here yet.plus size woman wearing SheFit Ultimate Sports Bra

2.Create an 8-week plan

Making your plan more bite size can help you to really build up to your big goal. For instance, if your goal is to save 500 dollars for a trip, you can break that amount down into smaller amounts in order to reach it. Having clear steps on what you need to do in order to get to the finish line is key.

Breaking down bigger goals helps you not to become so overwhelmed in the process. Sometimes we mentally check out thinking about the work but honestly, your capable of doing whatever you want as long as it’s in smaller steps. I create an overall goal then  I create 8-week sprints based on the key things that must happen to reach the bigger goal. It has given a lot of perspectives and helps me to be realistic about what is doable in a certain time frame. As much as I would like to wake up in a custom home, with a loving spouse and be CEO of my own company overnight, I know that it will take many steps to get there, but it’s possible.

3. Don’t beat yourself for not hitting the mark

I am the queen of ripping myself up for not hitting my projections. In the last year, it hit me that maybe just maybe being a bit nicer to self and acknowledging my humanness could help me more. In our society people wear being a bitch as a badge of honor. People will pass this on under the guise of giving tough love to self. However, it’s very counterintuitive.

One of my goals is to workout 3 times a week in order to lose 100+lbs. As I work in a travel consultant role, it’s pretty hard to keep up with my expectations after a very long brutal workday. Instead of poking at myself and saying I’m a loser, I actually extended love and compassion to myself. Like dude, you work over 60 hours week and you work hard. You make the best choices you can and you are trying. You’re doing your best, and you will do better when circumstances are better. This helped me to escape the terror of not hitting my mark but also motivated me to try to work harder on making better choices.

Just because it’s June doesn’t mean hope is all lost. If you want something all you have to do is say ok I have gone down this path let me drop it and reverse it. Drop the old path and push back to new paths. You deserve to live your most festive lives ladies! Tell me in the comments how your goals are going?

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