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Is your Day Cream Climate Smart? Pour Moi to the Rescue!

May 9, 2018

Summer is on our heels ladies and gents. I am used to dealing with ice cream face when it hits summer here in Texas. When the temps hit 100+ degrees I  just forego makeup until the Fall. Beauty is my lover and not being able to wear my pretties is hard. If you have been reading some of my past post here and here, I talk about skincare a lot. How your makeup reacts and holds is very indicative of your skincare. Your bare skin is a canvas. If your canvas isn’t in the best condition no matter how great the artist is, there will be some challenges.

As technology in the skincare arena grows better products are coming on the market that just blows my mind. I introduced to Pur Moi which is a U.S. beauty brand specializing in premium skincare. The co-founder is a skincare enthusiast and frequent traveler, paired up with a team of scientists to secure a new niche in the beauty world—climate-smart skincare.   After learning about the company and the product it was an easy choice for me.  They have 4 formulas:

Each day cream was developed with the needs of each climate. I selected the Tropical which is geared for climates that are  80-100 degrees with very high humidities. It’s lightweight texture and innovative formulation keeps skin perfectly moist while calming the sebaceous glands for a balanced sebum content in skin.

I have tried this day cream when my skin was recovering from too many harsh acids. Within the 1st 2 weeks of consistent use, I noticed my makeup lasted me much longer. I was astonished looking at my face at 8 pm and having minor shine.  Normally if I have events after 5 pm.  I must touch up in order to look refreshed. I now can go all day without blotting which is a joy as I am often on the go with my clients. The last thing you want to have to do is makeup touch-ups.

My skin once I do my morning routine feels very supple yet not oily. At times my other day creams can be a bit too heavy and make my skin shiny.  It takes only a few seconds to absorb which cuts down my wait time before putting on sunscreen and makeup. My foundation ranges from drugstore to high end and all have been positively affected. I dare say my foundation doesn’t oxidize as much especially my Maybelline Super Stay which I am loving right now.

Hit the link to figure out which day cream is best for you and take the beauty challenge of climate-smart skincare!

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