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Outside of Comfort: Making Moves and Flourishing!

September 5, 2018
plus size black woman wearing short hair cut living outside of comfort

We all have our routines. We may wake up and start scrolling before getting out of bed in the morning to start our day. Some may start their day with prayer or meditation. The creation of routines allows us to operate a bit more efficiently. When we are able to have flow we don’t have to think and can just do things in auto-pilot. Most people crave comfort as they know what to expect, however, comfort can be the most damning to your growth.

Being a plus size black blogger can be very different. When I looked into blogging I felt I didn’t have the look of what was the norm. I wasn’t thin, I wasn’t cutesy nor was I all sunshine and gumdrops. For bloggers that looked like me, they didn’t quite fit the mold either as I wasn’t into the standard “yass girl” flow. I was a black chick who loved beauty, high-end fashion inspiration, and fitness. I had a lot to say from my life experience.

When you look in the mirror ladies and gents, you should be proud of who you are and what you’re doing! You should be able to rest knowing that you have left your mark on the world and that you are living robustly. Comfort is like a mixed drink, it will make you feel good but when you get up it will take you out. The life that you want, you know the one where you are in your dream job, connected with that great tribe and in your best body. That life is just outside of your comfort zone, it may feel as though it’s hard but it’s worth it. Now I know this sounds easier said than done, but I wouldn’t give you lofty dreams without giving you tips on how to make it happen!

Ways to Live Outside of Comfort


1. Do something that makes you afraid on the daily

Take a different way home, buy a different brand of your staple items. Try something that you aren’t used to will put you in a very awkward state. I work as a software trainer in healthcare. When I teach I am taking people out of their cushy bubble and placing them in a new place. This can cause folks to flip out, become angry or even break down. However, if you keep showing up you will become better. To apply this to your life, whatever makes you shiver or become defensive is probably an area that can use some evolving.

For me being over the top dressed up at the office and wearing my natural hair made me very tense. I am already different, why would I add more fuel to possibly be looked at weird. However, in the last few months, I have rocked my full self and I can’t even articulate how much better I feel. It makes me want to find other areas that I can push out of comfort. We are often times the wardens of our self-imposed prisons. Let your selves, free ladies.plus size black woman wearing short hair cut living outside of comfort

2. Know Your Why!

I have mentioned this in many posts and if you’re following my podcast, The Christian Simone Show, then you know I am a big advocate on knowing why you want what you want. Many aspire what they see others have yet don’t desire to put in the work that is required to make it happen. When things get hard, knowing your why will help you push through the hard times and go for that goal.

When I was active in my weight loss journey, on the days where it rained, had a sucky day at the office or just was tired, the clear focus of knowing I wanted to reach 150lbs so I could do new things kept me going when things got rough. Now, that I am slowly shifting back into an active weight loss journey, I have an even deeper understanding of the things I will get to do once I get to my goal. Without this, it’s easy for me to excuse my goal away and not move.



3. Keep track of your progress

When you’re in the mix of things, it’s easy to forget how far you have gone. I sometimes look behind when I’m in traffic to see how far I have come even though I may not be at my final destination. It helps me to know that even slowly you’re moving and as long as you stay on the path, you will get there. Take pictures, keep a journal or do whatever you need to document your journey. There is often many goal nuggets of wisdom in the paths we have come from. However, often times we don’t stop to catch them.

Weight loss is the easiest to document as I already like taking selfies so I keep my fitness related items in a special folder and every few months will look back to see my hard work and that instantly makes me want to go workout. You have to fuel your journey with you as the focus.


Living in comfort for me meant making sure I tried to sound or be like what was the trend. However, doing this took my blogger’s voice and made me just fade into the background. I thought about quitting as it wasn’t fun at all. This year I decided I would create content that challenged me and also made me proud. I wanted to contribute to the body of work in the universe that left my unique twist.

I know this post is a little different than my norm of sharing the newest beauty or fashion post. However, the joys of being a blogger and essentially being a content creator, is I get to have the freedom to write what I feel passionate about. Life is meant to be lived and lived in full! Share with me some of the ways you will live outside of comfort in the comments.


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