The Real Tea on Weight Loss Journeys: How to overcome weight gain!

As I prepare to mentally move from 2017 into 2018, I have begun a deep reflection on the year. The great and the learning opportunities. There was nothing bad as anything that didn’t go as plan allowed me a great opportunity, a detour and life lessons. I started the year in a very not so great place and I look at myself today and say wow look at what a year of actually doing the work has created. I’m not exactly where I want to be or even able to do the #goal type of post, but I believe I have come far greater than that.

If you have been following me for any length of time, you know this blog started due to my weight loss journey of losing 100lbs. I have battled weight for my entire life. I remember thinking that once I lost weight I would then get this link to actually start living. I felt that this goal weight of 150 would provide me the keys to having a wonderful life filled with men who wanted to properly pursue me, job opportunities and unlimited brunch invites from the IT girls of Dallas.

Fast forward to 2016, I went through what I like to call Hell on a Plane. I had started a new job of travel and wasn’t adjusting at all to the opportunity. I allowed my weight loss to just go out the window as well. All I could do was survive and push to get through the year. Looking at past pictures, I began to really get down on myself. However, this year I have had the opportunity to really work on myself and allow myself grace.

A few weeks ago, in the best month of the year, I was taken aback at having to be patient and wait to board the plane because a man had to be wheelchaired. I was eager to get myself settled into my 1st class seat, and Lysol that baby down. But it took 5 minutes of wheeling this gentleman and then him after several failed attempts to get up and walk to his seat. I was humbled by the experience as I am able bodied and can get up and move. Hell if I needed to run to catch my 2nd leg of my flight through Charlotte’s big ass airport I have.

This brought me to a distinct place of gratitude. I can move, I can squat, crawl, run, twerk a bit on the Stairmaster. I can do all these things without the assistance of another soul. I can take a bath at 3 am without needing to call Life-Alert.

So in true beast form, I am always looking for fitness motivation. I adore so many for taking hold of their lives and making them into something greater. It doesn’t matter where you started in life, you are 100% responsible now. I could blame a bad childhood riddled with depression, abuse, and poverty but then I would be giving someone my power and I’m not about that life.

In this video, I’m doing my version of Jeannette Jenkins workouts. I picked my top 4 moves and it gave me so much joy to do them. Again yes I have rolls, and yes I have a belly and yes I’m not anywhere near 150lbs hell, not even 200lbs. But I have the opportunity to start again, however this time I’m in a frame of mind that says hey I love me and want the best quality of life possible. That means I work out, limit the junk and ensure I get proper self-care.


Make sure you like, comment and subscribe this video. Let’s make this go viral you guys as more people need to hear and see this! Happy New Year and all the greatness to come in 2018!

FORM Beauty Review: Twist Styling Cream & Multitask Leave In Conditioner

FORM Beauty Multitask and Twist

We are on the heels of 2018! I’m excited to share with you some products I was sent from the great folks at Form Beauty. They are a new brand that specializes in curly hair products. I love brands that truly have a diversity and inclusion focus. Growing up, I never saw people that looked like me in ads. It was always white, thin and straight hair. Fast forward to 2005, which I made the decision to go natural. All I saw was 3a-3c hair types with fair skin.

Even though the natural hair community has grown by leaps and bounds as more and more women learn to cherish their hair, I still find myself not represented well. I am a plus beauty/fitness blogger and it’s rare to see chubby faces in this space. That was the fuel I need to connect and partner with Form.

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How to look like a complete snack for the holidays with Catherine’s!

Do you want to look like a complete snack for the holidays? I teamed up with Catherines and want to show you how to make you look yummy this Christmas season! Most people sleep on Catherines and I will be honest I use to as well. I would only go there if I  needed to get my nylons or girdles as I find them much better than other plus size stores. After spending some time with them I have changed my tune. I got all these items for 50 or less per item which is even more amazing. Head over to their site now to get your favorite items.

Causal Office Party/Brunch

So this cute Black Label Aster Ponte Peplum Top paired with jeans will be an easy thing to throw on for those last minute brunches or office parties. I love the faux leather detail on this shirt which adds a bit of edge. The shirt is great if you have a little tummy and want to wear a skinny jeans or pencil skirt. Top it off with a nice statement necklace and now you look like your just fabulous with trying.

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Dress your Way into a Better Life: Plus Size Fashion Staples

plus size pencil skirt lane bryant


2018 is texting me that she is around the corner and she is like hey girl you need to be cute too! Over the last few months, I have been on a hyperdrive of transformation. I started earlier in the year with my heart and mind by seeing a therapist who if she was a movie she would be my favorite part. The next phase of my transformation has been my wardrobe. I kept items because well I felt having a lot meant I was good. It’s quite the opposite. I know that since I want to spur my career in a new way by going after more advanced roles and also launching my speaking pursuits, I needed everything in my closet to fit my current body well and make me feel amazing. No more needing 50-11 Spanks or feeling bad because I had a donut 2 months ago.

Your wardrobe truly reflects your style and voice. Many times, however, people don’t have their own voice. So what happens is they buy a lot of crap that is trendy and it never sees the light of day. Or some people feel fashion is BS and it’s vain—I use to think that way as well when I was super warped in religion. Fashion throughout the years has evolved but there are some things that are classics.

There are a few key pieces that I believe no matter your size or budget you need to have. Spend for your coins and budget. If you have it invest as it will help you not have to re-buy so frequently and can hold up.

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FORM Beauty Ambassador: Why you should check them out


Happy December! We have made it to the last month of the year. It’s been a whirlwind but a great year. To help you get a leg up on the new year, I wanted to share that I have partnered with Form Beauty! It’s been a goal of mind to work with a natural hair care brand that includes all women. Even though my hair is much shorter now, I still take care of my golden fro.


I stumbled upon them while sipping and scrolling on the gram. Such a deadly combo. What caught my eye was the diverse mixture of models. Not everyone has 3 a hair and not everyone is fair skinned. I love seeing brands that really get this. Many times, brands are one-sided or just old in their ways. I want products that have minimal chemicals, add moisture to my delicate strands and do exactly what they were made to do. I was sent two products that I will be giving a review on later this month.

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