Corporate Beat: Fall makeup look with Smashbox

black woman wearing makeup

Hello, beauties! Fall is here and this kid is so excited. Fall makeup is drama and power. I love it so much as I can do all the layers and extra’s that I give up in the summer as I live in Texas. In this look, I’m giving you corporate beat for fall. Being in a corporate role, you can’t give the kids too much but I will help you spoon feed them just enough.

Makeup in the office doesn’t have to be all or nothing. I have worked in a variety of environments and have seen the struggle. Some women go way too heavy and some go bare face altogether. Neither is a great thing as studies have shown, women who don’t wear makeup appear to be unpolished at the office. On the opposite side of the coin, women who wear too much makeup aren’t taken as seriously. When it comes to your beauty life, you should wear what feels comfortable to you but know there is always an image to be upheld.

Makeup and beauty in this day and age are still in the dark ages in the corporate world. I feel you should be able to wear what you want without judgment. Working in more rigid environments, I have learned how to alter my image to find the flow.  Your look should fit your role that you want to be in.  However, make your look reflect who you are, just the more refined version of you.

If you would wear something to a club, it’s a safe bet you shouldn’t wear it to the office.The look I created can give you balance as it gives you just the right amount of drama.


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Fitness in the Fall: Plus Size Fitness Tips

Welcome to the most wonderful time of the year: Fall! As the weather starts to change and your wardrobe, don’t neglect your fitness goals. It’s really easy to hide behind bulky sweaters and layers. Being healthy is something you should be doing year around. If you had to run for your life in the cold of winter can you do so? Keeping yourself fit and healthy will help you no matter the time. In the colder months, depression and other mental disorders are more prone because of the lack of sun. So working out will help you stay balanced and you won’t have to do a mad dash when spring comes.

If you had to run for your life in the cold of winter can you do so? Keeping yourself fit and healthy will help you no matter the time. In the colder months, depression and other mental disorders are more prone because of the lack of sun. So working out will help you stay balanced and you won’t have to do a mad dash when spring comes.

I want to give you 3 thoughts about health and fitness, especially for my plus beauties. You don’t have to constantly be on a yo-yo diet or cycle of losing weight for special events if you always make sure you stay healthy.

1.Healthy looks different on Everyone!

There isn’t a one size fits all to the way fitness looks. Many think you have to have a 6 pack and ripped arms and legs to say your fit. That is only just one of many ways it may look. Health to me means you activities for daily living aren’t impacted by your inability to do them. For example, if you can get in and out of the shower by yourself or you’re able to squat and pick it back up without assistance. In the field I work in, I have encountered many that aren’t able. If you want to go hang gliding or jump out of a helicopter if you aren’t able to do those things then that can be a goal to push your fitness forward.


It’s really easy to look at images on the gram and think man I want that body, but everyone is different. People of all sizes can be healthy and do a wide variety of sports and other actives. I am a lover of indoor cycle and can outpace a lot of people who are smaller. Just because someone looks a certain way doesn’t mean you can tell if they are healthy or not. Create your own vision of what healthy is for you and move. Need ideas on how to make your brand of healthy I share info in this post.

plus size black woman in athletic wear lifting dumbbell


2. Make time for what’s important

It’s easy to get caught up in this thing called life and not workout. If you have other life goals, ensure you are working out at least 3 times a week in order to reach them.  As someone who travels as much as I do, it’s really hard sometimes to go to the gym. So if I’m particularly done with seeing people for the day I often bring workout videos with me and workout right in my room. Fitness has to be seen as more than just getting cute for special occasions such as summer and weddings. If you are always ready you never have to get ready.

Find something that you really enjoy doing 3 times a week that will help you build up a sweat. I adore cycle but enjoy weightlifting even more. The feeling of lifting 420 lbs on the leg press machine makes me feel bad ass. Fitness also helps you develop a certain grit that spills out into your daily life. Got a fuck boy problem, a boss that gets on your nerves, goals of starting your own business? Fitness will help with that. When you invest in yourself it just works out that it will help you for your life.Old-navy-plus-size-active-wear

3. Your competition is the woman in the mirror

I have been on the journey of losing 150lbs for a while now. I have been close but not met it. For a few years, I allowed self-pity to keep the weight on and even going to new higher amounts. It’s not until recently did I change my view about the scale. I remember in December I was going through clothes that didn’t fit. It was super embarrassing to have to give away items because I don’t believe in hanging on to things just to say I have it. Make room for better things at your current place in life. Having loads of too tight or ill-fitted clothing can mess with your confidence. Enjoy where you are right this second and as you do you will work to make yourself better.

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Well Moisturized and Fabulous: Fall Must Favorites


The fall air makes me feel all tingly inside. Aside from fall allergies, this is the best season of the year. With the weather changes, your beauty needs will change a bit as well. I wanted to share my must have’s for the Fall months. Don’t neglect your body just because it’s a little colder. You don’t want to have to do a major overhaul once Spring comes back around.    My beauty favs come on all price points as beauty and pampering should be for everyone.

Drop me some comments below about your fav beauty products for fall. Life is better when you’re well moisturized and fabulous!

Products mentioned:


Maybelline X Makeup By Shayla Palette

Smashbox Ablaze Palette 

Black Opal Foundation Stick

Black Opal Ultra Matte Powder

Black Opal Total Coverage Concealer

Black Opal Total Coverage Foundation

Skincare/Body Care

Aveeno Clear Complexion Cream Cleanser

Minimo Flawless Acne-Fighting Charcoal Scrub

Minimo  Perk Whipped Body Polish

Nubian Heritage Abyssinian Oil and Chai Seed Body Wash


Minino Divine Nutritive Daily Leave-In

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Fresh off the Runway Fall 2017 Beauty Looks: Metallic Makeup

August always puts me in the mindset of getting ready for fall. Summer is still here but fall is right around the corner. I wanted to incorporate texture into this look by way of metallic eye shadows. Fall trends are showing heavy gold and silver looks. You can make the look your own with this tutorial.

This look will be in the rotation as I can make it even more intense or even office cute. Let me know if you liked this look by commenting, sharing and subscribing.

Products used


Becca Matte Primer

Black Opal Stick Foundation in Hazelnut, Nutmeg and Ebony  Brown


RCMA Colorless Powder

Black Opal Face Powder in Deep

MAC Studio Finish Powder in NW45


Makeup Forever Blush in M738 Auburn

Maybelline Face Studio Master Chrome Highlight in Molten Gold


INGLOT COSMETICS Freedom System Eye Shadow 335 Matte

Karity Nude and Rudes Vera and Richness

MAC Into It Eyeshadow

MAC Rule Eyeshadow

NYX Micro Brow Pencil in Brunette and  Expresso


MAC Lip Liner in Current

NYX  Lip Lingerie in Teddy


Wig Slayage: Fall Hair Colors

When a lady changes her hair things happen magically. So many times women hold on to outdated styles and colors as it’s who they have been. I love the season changes as a great excuse for me to try new colors and cuts. Now I’m #teamnatural so I will always go to the aid from a wig which is great for me who travels all over the US  and no one has time for all those products.

So I am pulling my fav looks for this fall. I adore color and big hair and put those together and you have most dopeness mix.

Red Heads do it Better

I love me some red hair and have always been drawn to the sultriness of it. For fall, Auburn shades will be a hot color.




Soul Sister




SZA Inspo




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