Mocha Travel Chronicles: Baggage and Beauty Delays


So, after 18 months of traveling for work my bags where delayed. I began to feel very faint and my heart began to race. Thoughts that my bright pink suitcase that has been badly teetered would not be recovered made me weak. My experience wasn’t the greatest with the airlines as United brushed off my concerns as they felt they weren’t responsible and American giving a true Kayne shrug that the bag will come up but when they weren’t certain.

I left the Flint Michigan Airport at midnight after a long hard hour of being on the baggage assistance line with United. All pleasantness was far expired as it had taken me over 8 hours to finally get to a place that I had no desire to go. I left wondering is all this hustle and bustle really worth it? Was this undisclosed amount of an annual salary really worth my health, mental wellbeing and my beauty items each week. This was not a great start on the 1st day of May!

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Squats not Shots: Proper Squat Technique

I wasn’t gifted with one of those big booties Judy’s so many have been blessed with. So many girls out there think having a booty will be the answer to all their problems. I for one use to think that way as well until I got into my healthy lifestyle. Health is the best assets you can have, and if you invest in yourself you will not need to do any dangerous foolishness like ass shots. Your beauty and worth doesn’t come from what’s all up in those jeans.

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Thick thighs save lives: Shorts and Mini Skirts

So I’m going to share a secret with you guys. I love my thighs!! Society would say I shouldn’t and that I should hide them as they aren’t perfect. But my legs make me say wow each time I see myself in the mirror. I love how strong they are yet still able to keep a man warm in the night. So in this post, I’m going to show you 3 looks where I’m wearing a taboo item for thick chicks.

You don’t have to show everything at once ladies. I believe in giving the boys something to think about late night after he missed his opportunity to get on the winning team. But you can still be as sexy as you want to.

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Black Girl Glow: NIA Skincare Review

Hello, beauties! Hope your week has been amazing. Are you a lady on the go who still wants to look as though you slept 8 hours yet only got 3? Are you a lady who has mastered hitting the gym at 5 am and still looking effortlessly fly by that 7:30 am stand up meeting? If this is you I have some skincare products that can make you look amazing without a billion steps.

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Black Girl Glow: Luxe Skin Care

In my first installment of the Black Girl Glow: Luxe Skin Care I’m going to share some skincare must have’s. Late nights on Youtube can be really dangerous. I was watching one of my fav Youtuber’s Jackie Aina when she went over her skincare. Check out her video. As someone who is a lover of all things beauty but skincare being very near and dear to my heart, I went and reviewed some of her fav things.

One of these products was the infamous P50 from Biologique Recherche. It’s a toner that will change your life, honey. While reviewing it I read reviews from all types who said it made their skin incredible. That’s all the motivation I needed to try it. Now the catch is when you go to the site, Rescue Spa the price isn’t shown as you have to sign up to see. After recovering from the sticker price, I happily ordered.


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