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What Plus Size Chicks Can’t Do: The Christian Simone Goes to Power Bar

July 11, 2018

Hello beauties of the world! So there are so many people who tell us plus size chicks what we can’t do.We can’t be sexy, we can’t like our selves and we damn sure can’t workout doing anything fun like pole dancing.  I have always been a self-proclaimed tomboy for my life and I felt I could never do anything sexual. I was able to connect with the lovely people over at Power Bar Women’s Fitness Pole Dancing Studio. They have 2 studios one in Richardson, TX and one in Arlington, TX. Teresa is the lead instructor/owner and she is nothing short of amazing.Ready for me to rock your world, go get your dollars and come on!

The Experience

So I was running behind my schedule and got to the studio just before class started. Tee jumped in quickly greeting me and making me feel comfortable and so loved. As I filled out my waiver I knocked down a whole shelving unit which Tee came and fixed so quickly. I have been in a variety of fitness studios and not everyone is that friendly. She demonstrates true service mindsets. I can pick up really quickly she loves what she does by the warm welcome and her making people introduce themselves. I’m a introvert to the core so I prefer to go unknown unless I want to.

After check-in I find a pole that I would be able to feel comfy and prepare for the beating of a lifetime. We started out with a sensual warm up and then we began learning some of the basic moves. I attempted the first move and well that was definitely not my sexiest move. But after a few tries I started to get it. By the end of the class I began to feel my inner performer come out. When I’m in the gym especially while doing my cardio I imagine I’m Beyoncé giving her last performance. When Queen Bey’s  6 Inch Heels came on I really thought I was about to make a year’s salary on the pole.

Getting into formation!
About to venture into the pole adventure.

All and all I will definitely be back to this studio. Good fitness to me at any size means you enjoy what you do. I fell, I didn’t get all the moves but I really enjoyed myself as I have been out of the gym for a while. The hours seemed to blur by so fast. I have a new admiration for those who teach pole and those who use it as a profession. Your whole body has to be strong in order to move. I hope one day I can do a full performance of 6 inch heels that looks effortless.


The Verdict

This place makes me happy so it gets a A+ in my books. I enjoy a challenge that works the whole body. Fitness doesn’t have to be in a gym. Pole has opened me up to think I can be sexy too. After class, I chatted with Tee who shared that many ladies who come are looking to build more confidence in themselves. I don’t think there is any better way than keeping your body fit and building your confidence at the same time.I was so honored to be able to experience such a great place and energy.

I about to twirl my life away while slaying.
Me and the fabulous Owner/Pole Instructor Tee! Isn’t just the prettiest.

New Year Resolutions are coming and if you’re in Dallas/Ft. Worth and looking for a fun, challenging workout then Power Bar Fitness is the place to be. They offer chair dancing and soon will offer kids pole. This could be a great way to do a mom/daughter time that incorporates fitness.


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