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Plus Size Girls Wearing Less: Summer Plus Fashion

July 23, 2018

My summer time fashion game is strong honey. Like an extra strength perm. I fell in love with dresses/rompers as I began to lose weight. It allowed me to keep things a bit longer as if a dress is a little bigger it’s not the end of the world unlike skirts or pants that if you are really losing rapidly, can be unloyal and slide off while your walking in front of the hot guy at Whole Foods.


Kaftan Flow

I just loved the cream detail which creates a lovely contrast with the blood orange body. This look can flow from a leisure shopping trip to drinks. I like things that are comfortable and flowy during the summer.


Comfortable at brunch

Pink is one of my fav colors as I just instantly feel extra femme. I adore rompers now as I love to show my legs off without showing everything off. Got to make dudes work for the rest of the experience.  plus+size+pink+romper+rainbow


Look 3 Night Out Cute

I found this while in my #self-care shopping in Wisconsin. Forever 21 can come through quite often especially for 14.00. I love how I can not wear a bra and still look pulled together. This is not something I ever do as my twins are in the G’s. But this fit is perfectly flirty for a night out.



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