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Plus Workout Slay with Rainbeau Curve

July 11, 2018

Plus size fitness gear is one of those areas that is near and dear to my heart. I’m a proud plus size chick who also loves to be healthy. I was able to connect with a dope ass brand, Rainbeau Curves which makes fitness gear for those who are of the plus variety. Their clothing helps you slay while getting a dope workout in. I have worn many different brands and some work well and some not so much. I was hyper geeked to go workout after getting my package. Who doesn’t like new gear while hitting the treadmill!

Here’s a little bit about the brand, Rainbeau Curves from their website:

Rainbeau Curves is committed to creating fashionable clothing that keeps up with a woman’s active lifestyle and flatters a fuller figure.

Using premium performance fabrics, we’ve designed the fit of our clothes to enhance your curves.
Our directional designs inspire you throughout your workout and help you live more, dream more, and be more.
Rainbeau Curves is created for women to take on every day with confidence and comfort.

Their Mantra
Be fit.

Be strong.

Be healthy.

Be original.

Be inspired.

Be more.

Be you!

Define Your Curves.

Check them out at RainbeauCurves.com for their Spring release.

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