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Smokey, Lace and The Plus: Burgundy Fox Review

September 12, 2018
black woman wearing burgundy fox lingerie

Lingerie and I aren’t friends. I never really enjoyed this area of feminity as I felt it was for the slimmer ladies. However, a goal for me this year is to face whatever makes me pause. When I got an email from this brand, I was extremely excited. As of late, I have wanted to get out of my normal rut of intimate wear but being an independent woman with no man, means it can be put on the back burner.

Burgundy Fox is an intimate wear subscription box that is very size inclusive by going from XS-6X! This is incredible as often times cute intimate wear is only for a certain size.  I love that they are very intentional about how they pick items by asking you a wide range of questions to get to know you. They asked more questions to get to know me than my last Tinder date ever did lol. There are many subscription services out there, but they want to make sure they do right by their clients and start a new trend of excellence. burgundy fox lingerie for plus size women lace and the boardroom

The Review

Now I won’t lie and say service was swift, as it wasn’t but I also know when you want something very special you can’t rush it. They aren’t giving you McDonalds level quality which is fast and generic. I am big on presentation as a blogger but also as a busy professional. My lovely package came on a Monday which was a splendid treat after a beat down day at the office. After pouring a glass of wine, I ripped the package open and found my lovely items with a little something extra. I couldn’t wait to get my hands on the candle as this girl is a candle lover. It definitely helped to set the mood. Once I pulled my goodies out, I felt a variety of feelings from excitement to nervousness.

black woman wearing burgundy fox lingerie


When you don’t wear lingerie often it can be an intimidating experience. I will be a bit transparent, even though yours truly is hella confident, I’m still ever so human. I instantly felt hyper insecure about my gut and not having an hourglass figure. I felt wearing lace and a sheer skirt was overwhelming.

black woman wearing burgundy fox lingerie

I loved my pieces as they can be worn in a variety of ways. I love my lace bodysuit and the sheer skirt as it’s in my favorite color and it’s lace. I procrastinated about shooting these looks as they scared me, however, I  think they came out like fire, let me know your thoughts in the comments.  I had to throw a little something extra it wouldn’t be me if I didn’t show how to mix your lingerie in your business professional wardrobe.

black woman wearing burgundy fox lingerie black woman wearing burgundy fox lingerie



Let me know if you like these sorts of reviews and let me know have you tried an intimate wear subscription service in the past? Thanks to Burgundy Fox for allowing me the opportunity! I love working with brands who are new and are pulse setters, as you all may know I have a love for all things entrepreneurial so women who support women is life.


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