Spring Fashion from Corporate to Sexy

2017 I wanted to not give the basic version of me in all I do. From work to the blog, so I’m venturing out into areas that I adore so much which is plus fashion! I am a lover of being pretty no matter what size I am. You can only live your life where you are right now.

Spring is here and I wanted to give you some ideas of looks that you can go from that board meeting to that night out with bae. Plus doesn’t mean we can’t be sexy or be sophisticated to negate what popular opinion may say.

Corporate look

No, Becky, you can’t touch my hair. A pencil skirt is a fan fav for the office. I like to look effortlessly put together for the office. Pairing my pencil with a bright color top and necklace gives edge yet still sophisticated enough to chat with the C-Suite. Ladies you don’t have to be boring to be taken seriously. More times than not me being me and dressing with personality is a conversation starter.

C:\Users\cohonba\Downloads\Photo Feb 25, 4 15 39 PM.jpg

C:\Users\cohonba\Downloads\Photo Feb 25, 4 15 45 PM.jpg

Navy Baby

I rarely wear pants unless it’s in jumper form. I picked this Ralph Lauren jumper from TJ Maxx. I love the way navy blue makes me look like wealth. The white piping definitely gives a nice finish. I was giving my normal extra drama. This is a super hit for the office as well.

C:\Users\cohonba\Downloads\Photo Feb 25, 5 08 41 PM.jpg

C:\Users\cohonba\Downloads\Photo Feb 25, 5 08 48 PM.jpg

Spring Fun

This is my I’m fine here me roar look. Coral is always divine on chocolate skin and so is turquoise. Being plus doesn’t mean you can’t wear a body con. I paired this basic Forever 21 + dress with a sheer wrap I had for ages. Perfect for that brunch or day party event.

C:\Users\cohonba\Downloads\Photo Feb 25, 4 11 04 PM.jpg

C:\Users\cohonba\Downloads\Photo Feb 25, 4 10 52 PM.jpg

Floral Sexy

I had a lot of fun with this look as it’s sexy yet spring like. I got this on a whim at Ross. I like doing the unexpected so I rocked a green lip with this look. The light opening to show off a little boob and the print made me feel extra whimsical.

C:\Users\cohonba\Downloads\Photo Feb 25, 4 52 20 PM.jpg

C:\Users\cohonba\Downloads\Photo Feb 25, 4 41 45 PM.jpg

I hope you guys are able to pull some inspiration from this post. I had a lot of fun creating this one as I got to be me fully on camera. Until next time do not let the world tell you who you are, show the world who you are.


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