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Summer Fun Spa Day at Lavish Retreat Salon and Spa!

June 6, 2018
Lavish Retreat Salon and Spa

After an extremely busy month, I wanted to find something that would allow me to recharge.  I’m not into overly cookie-cutter places so I was happy when I got an invite to come out an visit Lavish Retreat Salon and Spa in Cedar Hill, Texas. I love the vibe I got immediately when I pulled up as it’s tucked away from the traffic and overcrowdedness. I know many people love to be in the mix of things but for me when I want to relax, I desire seclusion.Lavish Retreat Salon and Spa

This gem was once a not so pretty house. I got to talk with the owner Alice Wash, who created this serene beauty from nothing. I was blessed to hear her story while sipping some of her custom tea she makes from herbs. Her story of truly taking lemons and making lemonade was so motivating. I always am inspired by those who take misfortune and making themselves over, not many in society can do this as it takes a lot of self-reflection and going through the uncomfortable.

The Review

I loved the decor of this beauty as it made me feel like I was away at Martha’s Vineyard in a secluded cottage. Each room gave me something different yet still made me feel so homey and at ease. This is the type of spa you really don’t want to leave and you can make your time even more fun before you head out by visiting the Soapery.Lavish Retreat Salon and Spa

Lavish Retreat Salon and Spa

The Soapery is every girl’s self-care dream. From customized soaps and lotions and candles, I was in heaven. I got to pick out a variety of goodies from a huge assortment of scents and formulas. I’m all about having fun with my bath time as it’s my way to wash away the day and be able to have a renewed self.  I also got to make my own bath salts which I felt like a little kid playing in the kitchen. Alice is such a soothing teacher showing me the varies herbs I can incorporate and make a delightful bath.Lavish Retreat Salon and Spa

Lavish Retreat Salon and Spa has a full assortment of services from hair, manicures, facials, and massages. They also do spa parties which I think is freaking awesome. Just picture mimosas and making your own bath salts with 5 of your friends. You would leave out feeling full of light and relaxed.

After leaving I rushed home to enjoy my Memorial Day weekend and truly lavished in all my new goodies. I was blown away by the quality of the products. Many people in this day make soaps but many aren’t worth it.  The ingredients used to make each soap were carefully chosen and are fresh. From the scents, formulas, and performance I could go back and have one of each.  There will be a separate review of the products as they deserve their own post.

I will be returning for a full-on spa day with treatments and the whole bag soon. I want to thank Alice and Lavish Retreat Salon and Spa for the inviting and amazing goodies.  Go book your next girls night or brunch now so you can live your most festive life.



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