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Apple Shaped Girls Summer Guide to Swimwear

June 27, 2018

In this years, Apple Shaped Girls Summer Guide Swimwear, I’m trying to level up from my first time rocking a bikini since last year.  It was my first time in my entire life rocking one. To add even more bars to this fire, I posted it on here. Some people never know how being a blogger can help you grow as a person. I am pretty confident some would even say bordering cocky but there are still some things that scare me.

It was such a dope feeling to inspire others to rock whatever the hell they want. However, I did had a former friend who said well it’s ok but you know your top is too small and just nitpicked the entire picture. For a brief moment, I felt all types of shame and embarrassment. I even thought about taking the blog post and social post down.

This year I wanted to continue with the spirit of rocking whatever I want especially being an apple shaped girl. We apple shaped plus size girls don’t get as much coverage or representation in the mix. The whole notion of being “body positive” and “inclusive” seems to only go for those who fit society’s beauty terms. You may know by now, that I follow my own beat from beauty to fashion to fitness.

I picked 2 dope pieces that I made me feel great and all are affordable. I don’t believe beachwear should be extremely pricey unless it’s a classic piece that can get a ton of wear out of them. My needs are cute, comfy and sexy. As my BFF in my head Janelle Monae Categorize me, I defy every label. Now I shot this while on the road for work in Massussuets, which for some reason the hotels don’t believe in outdoor pools. Feeling inspired to do my own thing, I give you swimwear in the hotel.

Look 1- Tropical Fantasy

I picked this beauty up after a long beat up Monday while in Pittsburgh at Ross. It was by its self and was just calling my name. I loved the high waist bottom and the detail of the top. Now I would have loved a bit more support I don’t have the average size twins, but overall it’s a winner.

plus size bikini plus size wearing bikini plus size bikini

Look 2 One Piece with Sex Appeal

I was minding my own business while going through the clearance racks at Target, this hot number somehow found it’s way into my basket. I mean you can’t deny a piece like this. The suit has nice cutouts in the front and back which gives just a hint of sexy. I paired it with a sheer lace cover up just to not startle folks at the pool lol. I loved that it has adjustable straps to allow for a more custom lift and support.

plus size woman wearing swimsuit plus size woman wearing swimsuit plus size woman wearing swimsuit smiling sitting by pool


Which one was your fav? I love both equally and differently. Being a plus size chick can at times be hard especially when it comes to fashion and swimwear. Many times the battle is between either looking like someone’s outdated mom or spending your savings to get something nice. Swimwear shouldn’t be expensive as it’s a seasonal item.  Drop your thoughts in the comments!

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