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Thick Thighs and Bikini’s: A Plus Size Guide to Swimwear!

July 23, 2018

I have been on this earth for 31 one years. I have never worn a bikini in my life. I never really wore swimsuits either so this year I wanted to live life in a way that was contrary to my past. You can start a new thing with a simple risk as wearing a bikini or changing up something you hate. I was sent some products from Ami Club Wear so make sure you check them out.

Look 1 Hot Fringe Sexy


ami-club-wear-fringe-bikini ami-club-wear-fringe-bikini ami-club-wear-fringe-bikini

I’m rocking this Hot Pink Fringe Bikini from Ami Club Wear . I love pink and the fringes to me are just hyper playful. This look got quite a few stares lol.

Look 2 Make them go Banana’s


So while I was out celebrating my blogger boo’s bday in NOLA this February, I found this cute bikini bottom from Forever 21 for 1.99 on clearance. I love the bright color and the banana’s where playful. I also incorporated my Five Below wrap that was drum roll…5.00!

Look 3 Sporty and Sexy

rue21-plus-size-bikini rue21-plus-size-bikini rue21-plus-size-bikini

In my travels I was in backwoods Michigan and saw that Rue 21 was going out of business at this location. I picked this number as I loved the athletic mix with girly.


Look 4 One pieces are fun too

pink-plus-size-swimsuit pink-plus-size-swimsuit pink-plus-size-swimsuit


So not every girl is comfortable wearing a bikini, I get it as this is the 1st year in my life that I am. But this little one I got many moons ago from Ross. I love that it has the gathering but it has a very sexy element of showing the girls.


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