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Thick thighs save lives: Shorts and Mini Skirts

July 23, 2018

So I’m going to share a secret with you guys. I love my thighs!! Society would say I shouldn’t and that I should hide them as they aren’t perfect. But my legs make me say wow each time I see myself in the mirror. I love how strong they are yet still able to keep a man warm in the night. So in this post, I’m going to show you 3 looks where I’m wearing a taboo item for thick chicks.

You don’t have to show everything at once ladies. I believe in giving the boys something to think about late night after he missed his opportunity to get on the winning team. But you can still be as sexy as you want to.

Look 1-Baby, I’m a Unicorn

So I was really feeling myself lately. I want to this summer to be litty as they youngins say. So I got these shorts from Rainbow and shirt from K-Mart.  Simple and easy is the goal. I love to be able to make max my wardrobe by changing it up a bit.




Look 2- Black Jumper Sexy

Baby this black jumper made me want to go out and meet someone so he could bask in my chocolate glory. I got this on a whim at DD’s Discount Store. It pays to check the clearance racks as I got this for 5.00!


Look 3-Corporate Hottie

So maybe you have to go to those hated I mean delightful company parties this summer. This would be the perfect balance of showing the kids that your fire but still being comfortable to chat it up with the CEO for your bright idea that could seal the merger.  I picked this outfit from Ross.


If this didn’t make you want to go out and put on your most short thing you own then I need to check your pulse. Don’t let anything stand in the way of you being what you want to be. I could wait until next summer but hell next summer isn’t promised. I’m lit now so let the world bask in it.

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