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Traveling Beauty Must Haves: How to look like money the Minimalist Way

July 23, 2018

Back in March, I had another luggage scare because of American Airlines. I was tired from yet another work week on the road. To my fear and horror, once I sanitized my seat on the plane, one bag was logged but not the other. I look at my luggage like my kids so one of my children was not accounted for.

I am a lover of beauty and looking marvelous no matter where I am. The plane ride home was the longest 1 hr and 54 mins of my life. I was so thankful to see both bags appear on the baggage claim. After recovering I thought long and hard about this risk. Each time I check a bag it could be the last time I see them. Now, this may sound hella dramatic over beauty products, but for me, it was a great wake up call. I don’t want to sacrifice my best makeup for a job I’m not in love with.

To help recovery from such trauma I took it to the streets and found myself at Ulta. I wanted to find products that are compact and delivery results but more cost-effective.  The struggle for the girl who enjoys looking her best is making sure product quality is on par.  The days of drugstore products being below the standard have changed substantially. I love Ulta as it gives me the best of both worlds, the prestige lines, and the drug store.  I made a game plan of items I knew I needed in order to not skip a beat while out traveling.  A neutral eye is always going to be your best bet especially for professional trips, your base must make you look well rested and the tools of the trade don’t have to break the bank but must deliver.

Travel Beauty Must Have’s


I found the Morphe 9B Bronzed Babe palette gives me exactly what I need to create my classic look and for only 12 dollars I couldn’t pick it up fast enough. I have been able to create my classic look with ease. The variety of finishes in the palette allow me to create that neutral look but then the shimmer shades allow me to add a bit of sparkle when I’m taking my look from day to night.

To finish an eye look liner is a must for me. To mix it up a bit I use colorful liners to give me a pop of color under the eye. It can create an entire mood depending on the color I chose.  The NYX Faux Black liners have really been helpful in adding color. I like the faux line because it gives you color but with a lot of depth.  My go-to eye always has some smokey elements.

I have a real love affair with lashes you guys. I feel it makes a basic look just instantly seem like it has it’s life together.  However, I have learned to forgo falsies as it just gives me a few more minutes back of my time.  If your adventurous getting semi-permanent lashes would be a great substitution.


Your foundation needs to help your skin look better and not be something your constantly having to check. So back in December at my local Walgreens, to my delight, they were getting rid of all the Iman Cosmetics products. For me, I was like a kid on candy. I bought a variety of stick foundations and powders for 4 bucks. I love the finish of the foundation and they can double as concealer and contour sticks without taking up much space. I  have found using a damp Beauty Blender to blend it in and then set with powder allows me to reclaim my time throughout the day.  

Blush will forever be a thing for me. I know for many years, I was afraid to use blush as I didn’t want to look crazy. Back in my younger days, there was a lady at church that looked like she got into fights with blush and lost every time. She would have to big red circles on her face where she applied the blush.  My former years as an MUA has taught me the beauty of it. To add color back into my face, I use an inexpensive yet effective blush trio from Sleek that I picked up while at Ulta as well. It gives me the variety I so crave but is compact


Going back to my former MUA days, I have accumulated a gang of brushes and have gotten spoiled with having a variety. I normally tote an entire bag of brushes but now I have truly minimized what I use. I take 1-2 brushes in order to swap out and clean in between now. My Real Technique brushes are highly effective and dry super fast. I also pack brushes that are double-sided in order to max space and provide me with what I’m used to.

I’m still adjusting to how I look with less. At times we get super uncomfortable with baring our own skin. I recently took a bold move at work with my looks and it’s an emotional journey.   I miss my vanity at home which has everything under the sun I could want. However, I value my sanity and would prefer to pack less in order to limit the risk of losing things I adore. Travel is already highly stressful especially if you fly as much as I do. Streamlining your beauty game is life-changing and I can sleep in a bit more.  What’s your favorite products to travel with or your travel beauty hacks?



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