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We Love Summer Fitness Fashion: Plus-Size Fitness Gear Roundup

July 23, 2018
black woman smiling in athletic workout gear holding weight


I will never abandon the #fitlife while it’s nice and sunny out. Summer fitness gear is my fav thing as I can look naked in the spirit of working out. I’m going to share with you, my go-to outfits for workout out with. I don’t believe your size should ever dictate what you wear. I feel so comfortable in my skin that wearing something with no back or cutouts just makes me happy.

Look 1- Don’t be scared of color

Color makes me happy and I fell madly in love with these tights after buying them on a whim. I didn’t feel  Old Navy would be able to cover my thick self, yet they have come through beautifully. I really love the high waist compression Capri’s as they keep me secure while moving. I am a die heart lover of positive words on my gear too.  Getting them both on clearance made an even bigger splash as well.


Look 2- Pink and lift

While minding my beautiful black business in Ross I found these really cute tights and Reebok shirt. I like that the shirt is sheer and the tights burn out design just makes me want to Instagram plus thot. Super comfy yet cute, what else can a fit chick ask for.



Look 3 Love or Bust

Over the last few weeks, I have had folks who I think meant well comment on my body in not so nice ways. Instead of pulling back and allowing others to dictate my choice in living, I chose to allow love to win and focus. I love bright colors and prints on my thick thighs and shirts that hold meaning to me. I paired my favorite Rainbeau Curves tights with a new winner from Old Navy!





What can  I say cutesy fashion doesn’t mean you have to be of a certain size. Tell me what are your fav workout gear brands?



  1. These are some stylish pieces! I love all the cute fashion gear I see online, but I’m alwats wearing sweatpants and plain tees. I will be looking into the brands you’ve shared.

    Never mind what haters say, boo. Keep shining, inspiring, and being the light ❤

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